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Job Satisfaction at Coles

7.6 rating for Job Satisfaction, based on 65 reviews
Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
All roles within P&C looking after the entire employee lifecycle of the team
I have had 3 roles in procurement so far. This has involved me: - running end to end market engagement exercises with support from category manager. This involves, coordinating meetings, building stakeholder relationships, commercial analysis, preparing approval packs and presenting to General Manager's to get project approval. Category Manager will pretty much let you have full responsibility and only provide support when you need it. - Involved in contract negotiation - Market Research
I get exposure to a large array of areas but do not have consistent or meaningful work.
Given a lot of responsibilities and variety in work to give the best learning experience
I am a product technologist, so help to bring new Coles brand products to market and ensure they are safe and legal. Daily, I read customer complaints, visit supplier sites, review current products and review potential products.
As a graduate, you're exposed to many senior leaders and have the opportunity to make a difference. In particular, in Operations - making life easier and more efficient for our store and field teams.
I have performed many tasks on a project. I have developed into a product/tool SME and work with both business and technical stakeholders to translate requirements into results.
Managing local area marketing in order to support our store relaunch program, managing social media marketing posts and
Work on projects; get real responsibilities; look after 300+ people from a P&C perspective
I have accountability for an entire region (about 1000 employees) after only 6 months.
Get a lot of freedom,very interesting work, good range of work
My current role is in a Project Analysis role - it is extremely interesting and varies day-to-day to keep things fresh. I have sufficient responsibility and support to feel valued in the team, with ample opportunity for development
Work is meaningful and i feel like i am contributing day to day.
I was quickly given great exposure and responsibility, my current role is fantastic and allows me to work on key strategic projects across the Coles Group to achieve our strategy
My role gives me the opportunity to both manage a team and get my hands into the details of my portfolio. Resource is light, and stakeholders can be roadblockers, but you have ownership end to end and can deliver amazing results and changes if you are willing.
Responsible for embedding insights into customer decisions for business units.
Network Planning is the team which decides where, when and how big new supermarkets should be - and whether they should be co-located with Liquorland, First Choice or Vintage Cellars. Other day-to-day tasks include reviewing and forecasting new stores, both pre- and post-investment.
I have the opportunity to support a leader in the organisation, with great exposure and networking opportunities.
Every day is different. Business moves quickly so you must be agile. Lots of new and exciting matters that help me to learn each day.