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Management at Coles

7.7 rating for Management, based on 66 reviews
How accessible are managers and do they make good mentors? You may want to address internal communication, performance feedback or praise and recognition.
Dependent again on function. My experience has been good mentors who are invested in their graduates.
Team by team based. Generally managers are approachable and will make time for you if asked
Very open communication and they recognise achievements
Some managers are much better than others as with any workplace. In general, managers are quite accessible.
Some managers have been great at providing development opportunities and ongoing feedback. Others have been too busy to make the time as they have a busy workload.
There is a very positive view on Graduates here. I have had many opportunities to reach out to senior leaders for mentorship and the like.
It proves valuable to have a member in your team who has either been a grad or managed grads before, potentially a good question to ask in the interview stage of the assessment centre. generally managers can be flat out so having a direct report who has time and wants to teach you can make a big difference.
Managers are good, most things are covered well
I have a weekly 1hr 1v1 with manager to update of workflow and personal development. Excellent support network
My current manager is extremely interested in my development and willing to go above and beyond to ensure I understand the ins and outs of my role, meet lots of people in the business and develop my skills from accounting to excel
Yes, my manager is directly involved with my work and encourages me to relationship build and actively reach out to various functions that support my work.
Very satisfied, they make great mentors, all the way from my line manager to our senior leaders.
Depends on the manager, all of them have somewhat of an individual style
A&D is compulsory. I also have a grad buddy, line manager and accelerator coach - all of whom I catch up with individually and regularly.
Very supportive and good at giving feedback.
They are good mentors and they do care about my career progression. They are really good at giving recognition and praise on achievement.
Management is of a very high calibre. I am able to speak directly to my manager if I need anything, I am also comfortable to approach the GM if I need something from her; above GM level they are more inaccessible but have constant presence (e.g. monthly huddles with the team).
I am very happy. The managers that I have worked with are very invested in growing the graduates careers and setting them up for success by pushing them to do bigger and better things.
My managers are very engrossed in my development and training. each day they provide me with tasks to do and chances to learn something new. from the get go i was included in conversations and decisions and asked for my opinion - even when I had no understanding of what was going on. My line manager and day to day manager sat next to me and are always free to chat when I need help.
Some are great - some are not great. There definitely tends to be a culture of trying to make this better I think, but it depends on the area. Internal communication - not very transparent. There are reasons why (confidentiality of ASX etc.) - but there could be much more.