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Application Process & Interviews at Coles

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Please describe the interview process and assessments.
Straightforward and clear
Psychometric test. Video interview. Assessment centre. Final interview.
When I applied, the process was resume, testing, video interview and assessment centre which included 2 assessments and an interview. I didn't have any issues with the process and it was completed within a month.
Online testing, video interview, full day assessment centre. Assessment centre was long but has since been changed to a half day.
There was a video interview, an assessment centre, and a face to face interview.
The interview process was a lengthy one. The initial application was followed by a psychometric test, video interview and an assessment centre with a final interview.
It is quite lengthy, however there is a high demand for a Graduate role at my company. I believe it is fair and give individuals the opportunity to show their best selves.
Assessment Centre as a Graduate was well structured and engaging
The interview process was in 4 or 5 parts ranging from multiple choice situational based questions, to full day assessment centres with group case study and follow up interviews.
Long but thorough process
Fairly lengthy but perfectly reasonable. Three main steps, with the last being an assessment centre day.
5 stage grad recruitment process
Resume, Behavioural questions, aptitude tests, assessment centre.
Online application w/ resume > online testing (cognitive & personality) > video interview > assessment centre and interview > job offer. Extensive but fairly standard process
Online application Cognitive testing video interview assessment centre
Online application, cognitive testing, video interview, assessment centre with case study presentation, formal interview panel, job offer.
I did the initial application that went through 2 rounds of screening, I then attended an assessment centre that was broken into two parts; the morning was across functions and the afternoon legal specific. The afternoon consisted of a case study and an interview.
Online test, video interview, Assessment centre - group and individual interviews
The assessment centre process for the graduate program was quite comprehensive, with several interviews and an assessment centre.
Online testing, online interview. Assessment day + Interviews in one day split in two
What questions were you asked in your interviews?
A range of behavioural and situational questions
Please provide an example when you have provided good customer service. Explain a time where you have been innovative. Why Coles?
Previous experiences and background mainly.
Describe your favourite food, when was a time you had to show leadership
Customer service scenarios, case studies and assessments requiring strategic thinking for decision making.
There was a group case study, then there was an individual case study. This was followed by individual interviews and they were pretty standard. Why are you interested in Digital? What makes you stand out etc.
Work background history/ attitude toward certain situations, what would you do in X and Y situations, Example of problem solving in past experiences. Also a general idea of wanting to get to know you, how you fit in with the team etc.
I had to prepare a short piece of research that took up 70% of the time, with the majority of questions relating to that. As well as questions about why I was interested in the stream I chose and why I applied to the company.
Problems relevant to the business and how I would solve them
Generic questions such as, difficult situation you have been in, a challenging time in my life, etc.
In my interview I was asked questions primarily based on soft skills on technical legal skills. We managed to spend quite a bit of time talking about my hobbies outside of work.
A lot of the assessment was assessing you had a basic commercial mindset and values that aligned with the business (customer focused, team player)`
More about life experiences and shaped around my ability to learn
All questions prior to the Assessment Centre were essentially generic, but heavily focused towards a FMCG company. The Assessment Centre however, was very tailored to the specific department you had applied for. I believe this was a great way to split which candidates were best suited to each role.
What are you passionate about? Explain how you work in a team?
Mostly past experience, achievements and some questions that would have determined if I will be able to fit into the company culture.
We were asked to provide anecdotes about times we displayed certain personality traits or were in specific situations (i.e. facing setbacks/hardship).
1. Tell us about yourself 2. What are some of your key achievements 3. What are your strengths and weaknesses 4. How do you deal with difficult situations - give us an example
More to do with personality and what I enjoyed doing/eating outside of work. I appreciated that
How would I manage a specific situation if i was the People and Culture manager (in relation to a case study given to me). what do i believe the day of a store manager looks like?
Do you have any specific tips and advice for candidates applying to your company? How would you recommend they best prepare?
Be prepared, know who you are and what you stand for
Be yourself! Reflect on examples in uni/past work where you have provided good customer service & resolution to problems.
Try and talk as much as possible in the group activities
Be yourself - Culture works best with genuine people
If you get through to the group interview stage, be considerate of other applicants you are sitting with. There are many people who were not selected because they tried to take over and run the group.
Practice psychometric tests and business case studies to allow you to think strategically and with a problem solving sense.
Understand the recent news that Coles has been undertaking and be able to relate back examples in your answers. A company like Coles that impacts every Australian, you need to be sensitive of the news and consumers needs and wants.
Think about who will be all the stakeholders affected in any given situation - EG: suppliers, customers, internal colleagues, etc
Know the case study and think outside the box a little, just because the document does not provide all the information doesn't mean you can't do additional research. Also consider all stakeholders, long & short term impact and any risks.
Prepare by understanding customer and what Coles really is. It's not just a supermarket.
Study the business and the retail industry so you have a general idea of how the retail industry works
Do your research about Coles and decide if it's right for you, then using that knowledge, convince Coles that you're right for it
Engage with as many people you can at open days, because you don't know exactly who you are speaking with. They could be the head of a department and will know your name when making hiring decisions.
Be open and honest, try and talk to people that work in the store support centre at Coles as there is a very strong culture that might not be everyone's cup of tea but I find it great.
Understand a bit about Coles and how the business operates, and don't be afraid to share your ideas.
Advertise if you have any retail experience. Be customer focused, be familiar with the company's current goals etc.
Narrow why you want to work at Coles down to three reasons. Then have three additional reasons why you would be suited to your preferred division. Lastly, don't have 'generic' interview responses - think of 6-7 'stories' or 'life experiences' you can mould to absolutely any question that can be asked.
I would prepare by making sure you have stories you can share that display who you are to the interviewer. You should also make sure you listen to other people's suggestions in the AC as talking over people and being overly controlling can make others uncomfortable and reflect poorly on you.
As cliche as it sounds just be yourself and relax! In the selfie interview just try to show your personality while answering the questions as best as you can, remember to slow down when talking and look straight at the camera. For the assessment center, my advice would be to speak up in the group interview but try not to cut people off and always add to what the last person said to keep the conversation flowing.
Research Coles! And their initiatives. Prepare, prepare, prepare for questions. Walk in confident - Coles loves confident, outgoing people who network.