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Salary at Coles

8 rating for Salary, based on 61 reviews
What are your thoughts on pay and bonuses at your company?
No bonuses. Pay is great for a graduate.
The pay for grads is quite good in comparison to many programs - be better if super was on top of pay. Grads are not eligible for bonuses which is not motivating.
Pay is more than competitive comparative to the industry average for grad
Very generous
Salary is very good compared to all other graduate programs I applied for.
Graduate salary package is generous and enticing when applying for a position at Coles.
I am overly satisfied by the pay structure.
I think the pay is fair, especially with the raise in the back end of the program.
Good that all grads are on the same
It's a very generous package considering I'm in a grad program.
Good pay for a graduate - no bonuses
I know Coles pays significantly higher than average graduate salary, but for the work we take on it should be higher.
One of, if not the highest paying graduate programs in the country
Above average for grads I believe
I think the pay is reasonable and I am not eligible for a bonus in my role.
My salary is very competitive. There are no bonuses, but will increase by more than 10% in Yr 2.
In a management position the pay and bonuses are above average
One of the best paying grad programs
As a graduate we don't get bonuses as we jump from role to role trying to learn different areas.
As a graduate starting salary is quite decent - better than most companies.
What are your company's best or most unusual perks? For example: free tickets, free dinners, moving expenses, taxis, pension, etc.
Free food!! of course!. Also provide team member discount and team member benefits with other companies.
suppliers giveaways at lunch time
5% off groceries, Employee reward portal for discounts with partners, free samples in office
Getting to try new and innovative food products before they hit the stores! The team member benefits with discounts etc is also great!
Get to sample products on a daily basis
Cheap gym membership to the Coles gym which is located in the building of the head office.
Team member offers and discounts.
There are regular freebies at the office and numerous team member only discounts in store.
Working in liquor has its perks - tastings, samples, products yet to go to market and occasionally free booze.
I work in the liquor department, so we frequently get free bottles of wines and beers.
Sometimes free tickets to events, but otherwise getting to travel for conferences can be fun.
Tasting program that pays you in flybuys points, access to free food and liquor before it hits the market, many celebrities etc. come by the office
Large company functions, John Farham played at last Christmas Party
HEAPS of supplier freebies in our hub. Most weeks there are 2-3 days with events that involve free tasters (yogurts, drinks, beauty stuff etc). Also, there is food tasting most days of the week where we get to trial the Coles Own Brand products and provide feedback (today was gluten free beef noodles)
Half price movie tickets. 5% off Coles supermarkets and liquor. Weekly giveaways in the office. Opportunity to travel interstate. Community engagement.
working for Coles we get discounts on lots of products - movie tickets etc and there is always free samples in our Hub. We also get discounts on groceries and petrol. working in the liquor team there is always samples for us to test and try as well.
Mycoles discounts - discounts on products e.g. Samsung (30% off) - random new product launches and sampling
Not sure, but apparently the Christmas party is a memorable event.
Through supplier relationships we do sometimes get invited to events and dinners which can be enjoyable
Team based events are great. Lots of discounts across the entire company. Travel and accommodation discounts too! Trips to the national office is always fun as you are put up in a hotel and have a nice meal.