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Training & Personal Development at Coles

7.6 rating for Training, based on 43 reviews
Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.
We have a variety of learning & development opportunities. Leadership courses, presentation courses.
Coles has an entire HR team dedicated to constant learning and development.
We are all trained in everything we need to know. If you feel unsure there is always someone who can help.
There's a lot of training programmes for different areas such as IT systems, commercial acumen, broader retail information. I've become a better commercial operator due to the training.
There is not so much formal training outside of the initial induction week, with most training being on the fly as you work day to day. This however is still very valuable, and gives you constant chances to pick up on practical skills in a workplace setting.
The company's current training program is quite comprehensive with an emphasis on exposing you to as much of the business as you can. There is an initiative in progress which aims to expand the technical training such as Excel, presentation and communication skills, as well as finance specific training to enhance your knowledge base.
The finance graduates get to study CPA/CA as part of their role and the structure has catered for that.
In the first few weeks I received incredible training on a range of things. Before started, each graduate had a full week of training about the company, values, areas of work, and practical skills. I have also received Excel, PowerPoint, and writing training. Training sessions are an ongoing thing and somewhere created for the whole team, not just the new graduates. We have also been given many opportunities to put our skills into practice.