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Training & Personal Development at Coles

6.5 rating for Training, based on 66 reviews
Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.
Getting better with formal training. Informal training opportunities are available if you're proactive.
Barely any formal training provided. I learnt on the job through a colleagues help.
Training is building to include more relevant skills and systems work. Additional technical accounting modules.
There are several soft skill courses, linkedin learning, coursera partnership. I spend at least 2 hours per week to enhance technical skills related to my work
There are many training courses that are required for me to complete in order to do my job, but most of them have not been made available to me.
Recently Coles has introduced short course scholarships with a range of courses for career development. I have enrolled in one to build on my analytical skills as this is a weakness but critical skills required.
A formal structure for this could be communicated better, however the avenues are there if one seeks them.
Orientation week was a lot of training and learning, we had a skills day post this as a grad cohort however all other learning is done by your team and therefore depends on your team.
Training is very much to learn on the job, some cool extra training offered here and there which is good
Multitude of learning opportunities include scholarships for external certificates and weekly seminars. Soft and hard skills addressed
So many training opportunities! I've been to Excel training, technical accounting updates and looking to enrol in a VBA course.
Induction training was great and helped me transition into office life.
Coles has a training website, however, is quite difficult to navigate and remains challenging to tailor to your needs.
You have the opportunity to be involved in a lot of different learning sessions or development days
Formal training is basic nothing really stands out to me. The skills that I've picked up in daily work is so much more pronounced.
Training at the beginning was useful (two months working in store, two weeks systems training); they have recently released 1000 university scholarships for employees to undertake further study
From day to day activities I have learned a lot from my managers. I have not taken advantage of the programmes my company has to offer but there is always an email about some.
Lots of online learning, but there could be much more. You generally have to prompt your manager though - there should be much more recognised programs.
My experience with training has been positive. With the exposure to different leaders, brands of the business and large variety of situations I feel very prepared to take on a region of my own.
We have a full week of learning and induction when we start this job. We also have a learning hub with modules always available to us.