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Working Hours at Coles

7.4 rating for Working Hours, based on 66 reviews
How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
Flexible working is a huge focus, no expectation to pull crazy hours but more so an expectation to be efficient and look after yourself
Extremely flexible. Work hours start and finish are what suits you (dependent on conversations with managers & given you fulfill hours). Working from home is also very flexible.
Have standard hours in my team, anywhere from 8:30-5. Have had the opportunity to work from home some days.
Depends on the team and workload, can really fluctuate
I generally work 8-5 but this varies depending on the team you are working in. Most of the time work is quite flexible with hours. There is no specific start or finish time and working from home is generally encouraged.
Work life balance has been a focus at Coles over the last few months, including working from home and flexible working hours.
I am able to get in early or leave early depending on life circumstances. As long as I get my work done. I can work from home as required too.
My manager specifically is very accomodating of flexible work arrangements. This is not necessarily uniform throughout the whole company and can be dependent on your manager and team.
My standard hours would be 7:30am - 5pm. This fluctuates depending on how busy the team is. The company has been extremely flexible with hours, particularly in regards to things such as funerals or family events.
I work fairly long hours but the company is very reasonable with flexibility
You can come in anywhere between 7-9am and finish whenever; opportunities to work from home and work from stores/DCs
Hours can be long some days, particularly with travel to other stores. But overall it's alright.
Around 8.30-5 with breaks as needed. Work is very flexible about changing hours and working from home if required
8-5 is my standard day (with an hour for lunch in the middle). Flexibility is huge here at Coles so working from home or shuffling hours is extremely easy and supported
I work a standard 40 hours a week, at the moment I don't have the need to be staying more than this.
My work life balance is great and Coles has an amazing approach to flexibility
Above average work hours. 40 hours minimum.
I work approximately 9 hours per day (8.30am - 5.30pm). Coles is very flexible when it comes to work/life balance so long as you give notice.
My role is flexible, I work hard and do a lot of hours when I need to but also am able to be flexible when it is less busy.
I generally spend more time in the office than I would like, however if I need to work flexibly then there is never any question as to whether this is ok - I always feel supported.