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Office & Workplace at Coles

7.3 rating for Workplace, based on 66 reviews
Please comment on your company's office space, location and facilities. And while we're at it, please tell us a little about the dress code.
Dress code is dress for your day which is handy. Office space is currently undergoing large reconfiguration to make it more flexible.
The space is nice enough but plain and just grey and white (maybe a bit of red). Many areas are currently being refurbished and look much more modern. Unfortunately they do not seem to be updating out desks.
They are trialling hot desking. only instant coffee and home-brand tea bags in the kitchens. and no lactose free alternatives available (e..g soy milk).
Nice workspace, recently revamping part of it.
Can wear casual dress every day. Could use a bit more seating space but actions are being taken
There is a Modern Workplace Project going on now that is enabling and improving our software and physical workspaces to allow for better collaboration. Coles has introduced a "Dress for your day" policy which allows team members to dress for their day. For example, IT Developers can come in more casual t-shirt and jeans. However if there is an external engagement, then there is an expectation that you dress appropriately.
The office space is enormous, almost like a compound. It has newly renovated conference rooms and a great food court below. Also adjacent to the tooronga shopping centre and st kevins playing fields. Huge multi level car park that's free - never not found a park. Dress code has changed to 'dress for you day', which essentially means as long as your not meeting a supplier you can wear whatever you like excluding rips and stains etc.
They are very good. They're just a little out of the way .
Brisbane office is basic. Melbourne office is awesome. Dress code is 'dress for your day' (ie: jeans and a shirt around the office, business attire for external client meetings, red shirts when out in stores).
Great location in suburbs, great parking, access to train, bike paths etc. Dress code is no tie, and dress for your day
Dress for your day policy and facilities such as gym and meditation room
Coles SSC is an amazing building. I attend the gym here most mornings (when I can roll out of bed before 7), there is a huge hub with food options, good coffee and seating, outdoor courtyards and bbq areas etc. Dress code changed recently to "dress for your day", which is a nice change to dress smart casual when meetings are minimal, and dress up when you have meetings with suppliers etc
Very pleasant, lots of places to work away from your desk.
Good location, free parking. standard office fit out with good meeting spaces. not a hot desk office. Dress for your day policy.
Dress code allows you to dress for your day which is more flexible
Location is convenient, great we have parking. The introduction of a "dress for your day" dress code has been great.
Good location, older offices but they are improving.
Location is poor logistically, on its own spot in hawthorn. Office is in the process of being updated, afterwards expect it to look quite modern. Dress code has changed to being flexible
Head office is in Tooronga, Hawthorn East. Houses approximately 3000 people. Modern facilities with neighbouring cafes and the highest trading Coles supermarket in Australia (Tooronga Village). The dress code has recently become more casual; 'dress for your day'.
Improving a lot