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Career Prospects at Commonwealth Bank

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Please tell us about promotion possibilities and fill us in on what it takes to move up the ranks.
It's very easy if you know how to demonstrate your value. Always seize those opportunities to do so. It's up to the individual but grads generally advance quickly.
The company shares that there are plenty of routes for promotion. I have only received one promotion after my graduate program, not sure how difficult it will be to get the next one
Not too sure. I've heard and observed that if you are a high performer it may be faster to company hop and come back into CBA later.
The company has so many teams there are lots of internal rotation opportunities to advance your career.
After grad program ends you move into a fulltime position.
It depends on your career aspirations and where you wish to be located.
Slow start, and you need to work in the right place--some teams are very slow moving.
Promotion is not so common in my area but people move around through moving roles within the company
I find this can be a bit difficult. It depends on your manager though, some are much better than others in allowing employees to progress.
Somewhat limitation within the immediate team but on wider scale better
Promotion possibilities are extensive within Major cities. Regional areas very limited due to number of positions and longevity of existing staff's careers. Encouragement to aim high. Secondment opportunities to try more advanced roles while staff are on leave. Restricting factor in my case is location.
Many opportunities in Team member/Manager space. Lots of scope for a variety of roles & opportunities to move up/laterally. Bottleneck at executive levels, moving into more senior roles appears to be quite difficult - often hiring externally rather than appointing internal applicants.
Don't have an opinion on this yet. I think horizontal movement is supported but moving up still feels hazy.
From my colleagues, it seems it could take decades to move up. It really depends. There are always budgets and headcounts that you have to go past and it's a tedious process. People here say it's easier to get a promotion by applying for a higher position outside the bank than to wait to be promoted internally.
To move up in the rank you first need to: 1. Excel in the job you're in; and 2. Have a development plan. Every employee has a development plan, which essentially maps out the experience and knowledge they need to get the job they are aiming for. I always discuss my development plan with my managers and mentors, as a result, if there is an opportunity/secondment available that is on my development plan they always let me know.
So you're pretty much guaranteed to move up.
I would say the opportunities to progress up the hierarchical ladder within the bank are available.