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Culture at Commonwealth Bank

8.5 rating for Culture, based on 39 reviews
Please describe your company's culture both in the office and after hours. Let us know about the structure and hierarchy, cooperation and teamwork, and socialising amongst colleagues.
People are pretty nice. Management is friendly towards subordinates. Socialising after work varies between teams, but strong amongst the grad cohort
Varies between teams dramatically. Not every team is social, but it's easy to find plenty of people who are. Events still happen.
Work from home is encouraged. Balanced work hours. Interesting and unique people.
I very rarely have to stay back. If I do it's because I want to get something done not because I'm forced to. I set my own work hours (within reason) and can work from home as I please. My immediate team has great culture; getting coffees, team lunches, and support for each other.
Culture is supportive and inclusive in the office and after hours. Hierarchy is generally horizontal from EGM level and below. My team is very cooperative and supportive.
Culture varies from team to team. When there is poor management, seems to be a trend of people leaving the company or role for better opportunities Communication between management and leadership is not very apparent. Socialising with colleagues is okay
I have been satisfied with the company's culture. While the organisation is still very hierarchical, there is a big emphasis on team work and delivering high quality outputs. On the whole they are open to challenge and new ideas and this is being embedded into the company's culture writ large. Socialisation amongst colleagues has always been good, in that you can participate to whatever extent you wish without social repercussion.
Culture varied significantly in all teams I have been in e.g. one team had few team events and not a lot of socialising whereas another would go for social coffee daily. Within the graduate program there is a good culture and lots of social events.
Good hours, people are easy to talk to. After work social life is pretty good with spots close by
Varies based on team and department. People are friendly and collaborative. Not very political - people seem to be trying to do the best for their area as a whole.
Despite the very tall management hierarchy everyone is approachable and happy to talk to anyone else. If I need help there is always someone I can ask. There is a strong emphasis on work-life balance, staying late is very rare, and flexible working options are available
Culture wise, the company is really great. They do try their best to take care of their employees
The culture differs between teams, but both teams I've been in have been very casual and friendly, really supportive and welcoming. My current team does more after-hours things like team drinks and watching movies together. Both teams also had other social activities such as weekly team lunches.
Very flexible working arrangements. Team culture is good, people are friendly. Feel fairly comfortable talking to higher management, and General Managers and Executive Managers etc sit amongst normal team members.
Great company to work for. They have many flexible working arrangements, there is remote working availability, you can salary sacrifice for additional annual leave, and there are a ton of other staff benefits (like employee discounts for example).
In Office: Welcoming and social. After hours: No socialise within the team but we do socialise within grad cohort. Teamwork is evident in the team culture.
A lot of freedom when / how you work which I enjoy. Structure is good with trained managers that are there only to ensure you have all the support you need. Great social opportunities within the grad cohort, as there was 70 grads in tech alone in my year.
CAN be flexible however they do "talk up" just how flexible they really are. Not particularly social, depends entirely on the team manager but it's not driven from 'the top'.
Friendly and flat. Able to voice opinions and talk to any level of management. Hours are 9am-5pm or flexible if you want to come in early or late.