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Diversity at Commonwealth Bank

8.9 rating for Diversity, based on 50 reviews
Please provide further information on diversity with respect to women, ethnic minorities and LGBT. Please comment on issues such as recruitment, retention, promotion, child care, maternity leave, etc.
Good in general however the diversity in Adelaide is poor.
CBA is very big on including everyone, and everyone is accepted. However current numbers/teams don't always reflect the amount of diversity that CBA promotes
There's 6 diversity groups covering LGBTI, women in leadership, age diversity, indigenous background and cultural diversity
CBA drives most of these initiatives in Aus.
Employee network groups focusing on diversity across cultures, genders, LGBTI, disabilities and age. Also a Diversity and Inclusion team and D&I reps within each business
Our company has strong programs in place for diversity. eg women, LGBTI, disability, aboriginal etc. The maternity leave policy is great with even the secondary car given getting 1 month leave.
CBA is heavily committed to diversity and offers training on all subject matters
As mentioned previously, my company have many initiatives and teams who support many areas of diversity. My favourite is the Women in Focus team who support women in business and connect them with many networks throughout Australia, and support the Business Chicks not-for-profit organisation in events and workshops held across Australia.
There is a genuine focus on hiring gender diverse employees, and good structures in place to make all backgrounds feel welcome. However, some teams do better than others, particularly for ethnic diversity.
We are well known for our commitment in this field. We have specific formalised employee-run networks who support different fields of diversity and have events recognised throughout the year to support them. LGBTI inclusion was a big consideration for me to choose CommBank as an employer.
They are very committed to diversity, in particular for gender, LGBTIQ and aboriginal people. Just over half of executive management is still mostly white men though.
very good, lot of visibility
Many different 'clubs' or movements have been created in order to equalise the differences across the diverse groups. I got to a Women in IT master class every 3 months - free and very helpful
Very proactive Many fundraisers
Publicly stated goals surrounding different types of diversity.
Probably the best company in Australia to work for in this regard.
Great diversity within the workplace. 'Champion' groups to encourage diversity within your office. Diversity awareness days and events. Diversity pursued across all levels and considered during recruitment, retention and promotion. Maternity and paternity leave encouraged.
Second to none.
Very flexible company to show their commitment to diversity
I'm in an area of the business where there are only a handful of female leaders in EM and GM levels. There is even less diversity across ethnicities. There is a newly developed Diversity Council so perhaps things will improve.
What does your company do to attract applicants from less privileged backgrounds?
There are several programs however I have little knowledge of them.
My company aim to support all applicants whatever the background they come from.
There is an active program for some backgrounds, such as a strong indigenous Australian graduate intake.
We have specific internship programs to support less privileged backgrounds
Not sure - but the bank does a lot of Not for profit charity work and employees are encouraged to volunteer at least 2 days per year.
Specialised internships, mentoring, resume building for high school aged youth
Internships for disadvantaged backgrounds
The company has a group of committed teams whose sole focus is to increase the amount of workers from disadvantaged backgrounds.
The huge diversity of roles means we are probably one of the biggest employers of underprivileged Australians.
Career days in all areas. Regional recruitment drives. Intern programs.
My area has employed an individual with a social disability to come in every day an do administrative tasks.
The bank has a number of groups that go and talk to the community and provide support and funding to these communities to ensure that everyone has a fair go.