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Job Satisfaction at Commonwealth Bank

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Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
My role is diverse. I work across many different teams to gain exposure to how different parts of the bank work on their own and together.
Client management, engagement and analysis.
software engineering internal tools for Deploying software
Sales acquisition and customer engagement for Smart Access. Innovative projects with Digital and Financial Well Being. Marketing
I'm in Group Advisory, the in-house management consulting team to business areas and senior executives. We structure and solve problems on strategy, execution and optimisation projects.
There's a lot of responsibility but my role is fairly separated from the company's vision.
My team is very supportive and lets me get involved with tasks that interest me as well as my day to day work.
As a software engineer, I make changes and build software that impacts millions of Australian's and help guide them in positive ways to their financial goals. I love what I do and the other engineers I work with, who often come up with robust solutions in creative ways.
Day to day activities are good, however room to grow and explore new areas is restricted by the company's processes
Quantitative and Qualitative analysis
My day to day responsibilities include general account management for client's and writing credit applications for new business finance requirements which requires credit and financial analysis.
Manage project to deliver analytical solutions on a project basis. Usually working with one or two others towards a common goal, either analytics-based or modeling-based
Reporting, data visualisation, strategy, insights, analysis, project support, end-to-end planning & forecasting and oversight of governance & control.
Progressing on project work streams. Solving business problems.
Assess risks and opportunities of agribusiness credit applications. Involves assessing financial statements, completing financial modelling and writing reports. Compliance reporting and admin involved as well.
Always different, context is critical, lots of complexity which is a good challenge
I work on a variety of cases related to security within the bank. It provides a lot of different jobs to work on each week - keeping work interesting.
Group Strategy, my role involves shaping the corporate strategy to design initiatives that will set us up for success in the medium to long term horizon (3-10 yrs)
Mix of implementation and strategy
Often given tasks that stretch my knowledge and help me grow.