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Application Process & Interviews at Commonwealth Bank

8.4 rating for Recruitment, based on 50 reviews
Please describe the interview process and assessments.
A cover letter, resume and academic transcript. An online set of numerical, logical, and personality tests. A digital video interview with HR. An assessment centre with other prospective hires. An interview with a manager and someone from HR.
Fun, Exciting and challenging
online questionnaire, digital video interview, assessment centre (group and 1 on 1 interview) was very efficient and not too complex to navigate
Fast - application to role offer was within 3 weeks
Smooth process. Resume, phone call, interview, offer.
There was a lot.
Resume submission, online testing, video interview and assessment centre
I completed an online application which included logic and personality testing. This was followed by a video interview. The last stage was a in person interview and assessments in a group.
Psychometric testing, phone interview, assessment centres
As a grad it was 1. Online application 2. Numeracy online tests 3. Phone interview 4. Assessment centre 5. Final interview
Good - can be a bit slow
The application process included submitting the resume online, following by psychometric testing, an online interview (with pre-recorded questions) and finally an assessment centre (which included a group activity and one-on-one interview).
Started with heaps of online forms, but a very rapid process from there. It felt like I was given the opportunity to show how I perform, rather than an arbitrary test.
Online assessments and a phone interview which I completed overseas and flew in for an assessment centre which included an interview and group task. The company really valued my time and made the interview process a welcoming to the company as well with a guided tour of the building and networking throughout.
Few hurdles to get through, but overall extremely quick and efficient.
Interview process and assessments were very well organised and progressed smoothly. There was a good variety of interviews/tasks but it wasn't overwhelming or tedious.
Online application, online test, digital video interview, group activity, face to face interview
Graduate program consists of aptitude/logic tests, digital interviews, assessment centre. Very concise in comparison to some other graduate program applications.
Resume submission, online testing, digial video interview, group assessment centre, one to one manager interview
Talent acquisition are happy to guide you with producing a resume that will work for different roles you are applying for.
What questions were you asked in your interviews?
Many questions elucidating my character: "when have you been under pressure to deliver?", "how would you react if part way through the program, your manager told you that you weren't performing", and so on. Many positive questions too.
What I saw my future to be, what my goals and aspirations were, and what I saw CBA as being.
Mix of character and technical
Why I want the role, my strengths and development areas, career path in 3-5 years, how do I manage stakeholders, how do I approach tasks that are ambiguous
30 minutes consulting case study then 30 minute resume/experience questions
Why do you want to work here? What's an example of where you did x?
Mostly questions around values and behaviours, some business unit specific questions related to human resources
I was asked about my background and interests. I was mainly asked skills based questions where they were looking for example answers to demonstrate competence.
Why CommBank, degree history, why I chose my degree.
Context/Action/Result like questions.
Mostly soft skills, since I applied for an intern position. Focused on how I managed conflict, led teams, worked cooperatively, etc.
Values based questions are really important to CommBank
Give a piece of advice that you found valuable
Questions relating to teamwork, leadership, time pressures, future goals ('where do you see yourself in five years?' etc. The standard type questions.
My experience, how I demonstrate the company's values
The usual ' how have you showed...' - initiative, conflicting personalities, impossible situations etc. Why I would like to be at the bank?
My view of future of company and My experience
Would I be willing to move states? What do I do with my spare time? What I knew about the company (general info, competitors, CEO, etc)?
Name a time when... What would you do if...
Examples of times I had demonstrated the organisation's values in previous roles. How I achieve work-life balance. What I want from an employer.
Do you have any specific tips and advice for candidates applying to your company? How would you recommend they best prepare?
Know why you want to work at CBA. What is it about CBA that interests you. Know how you'll make the most of the experience. Also, be prepared to make yourself vulnerable.
Be yourself.
be honest. the recruiters don't like it when you are rehearsed/putting on a front.
know the vision and values really well and articulate how you fit with them
Cultural fit is very important - read up on the vision and values of the bank
Align to the vision and values, smile and use common sense.
Research the company, understand the structure and where your role fits within it
Be confident and make sure you have some knowledge of the company. Such as who the CEO is and any big news story around the company. Make sure to demonstrate that you are a people person because its easy to teach graduates new skills but hard to teach good communication.
Be yourself. An honest person who does the right thing and sometimes stumbles will always be more appreciated than someone who bolsters their way through with overconfidence.
1. Background research on the company 2. Learn the key values. 3. Read up on the industry
Research, research, research. Look into the position you wish to apply for, the business unit, and the organisation itself. It's important to see whether the values of the company align with your own. Seek feedback from peers/family/your university regarding your resume to refine it. Use the STAR principle for your interviews. Be yourself!
They should try and showcase their talents and personality, rather than trying to fit a mould they think the company wants. CBA can train them for technical skills; they should focus on untrainable skills.
Really get to know our values and also know your strengths. I would say CommBank is after individuals who have something to add and really praises differences. Be yourself and know why you are different from the rest and own it!
Really understand what the role is so that you can tailor your skills to match.
Prepare your own questions for the interviewers and the company. This is your chance to shine.
Find out details on the company, why you want to work there, what your experiences are
Be honest and show your interest in what you do!
Read recent media releases and articles about the company
know the values, speak to your strengths, have good examples of your previous performance
Be familiar with our products