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Commonwealth Bank

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Salary at Commonwealth Bank

7.2 rating for Salary, based on 48 reviews
What are your thoughts on pay and bonuses at your company?
Pay could always be more but CBA is relatively high for the industry given the hours worked.
pay is pretty standard. We have bonuses, would rather no bonus and just higher pay.
competitive with market
Depends on manager for your bonus. Pay is slightly below industry but the culture and flexibility closes the gap.
On the graduate program the salary was quite low but since becoming an analyst it has increased by 10000 a year. Bonuses are given based on your annual review and the process for how much you receive is not clear. There is not good agreement across the company and some team get bonuses far higher than others regardless of work.
Base salary is good, bonuses not good
They could definitely be better
Known for being quite weak. And the grad program is two years, so have to endure low pay for a long time.
The pay at Commonwealth Bank is very competitive and I am compensated for professional courses.
I feel that I'm currently underpaid relative to my experience and responsibilities.
good but always dependent on how the company performs
Either in line with market or below.
Pretty high average in comparison to some Graduate programs.
depending on your role, you might not have much control over the bonus, however share plan is offered as well.
For the stage I am in my career, I think my pay is competitive.
Pay is excellent immediately following the grad program. However, promotions are not at all tenure-based (unlike other industries) so there's a lot of luck involved in progressing to higher pay
Bonuses are good and achievable. Pay is flexible and a great starting salary.
Industry Standard
linked to performance. Highly dependant on the business you work in - varies by management.
What are your company's best or most unusual perks? For example: free tickets, free dinners, moving expenses, taxis, pension, etc.
Moving expenses were good. Discounted banking products are great. I have a diamond Amex and Mastercard - heaps of points!
free credit card with discounted interest rate
We have arrangements with companies. Cheaper movie tickets etc.
Staff deals, technology e.g. HR apps, banking product discounts
I received moving expenses for joining the graduate program from interstate. There are also good deals for food and other consumer products offered. The best perk is the discounts on personal banking.
Financial benefits
Discounts of services (interest rates)
I have never had to pay for a coffee - the managers always shout!
deals with a lot of our business customers
Frequent corporate catering, bank discounts
Company discounts from a range of companies who bank with us through a Staff Deals App as well as banking deals from CommBank
free tickets, free fees, discounted items
Bank benefits (free credit cards etc) CBA staff deals incl: JBHIFI, and many many other businesses including restaurants around CBP and the city!
Discounts for many merchants
No fees on bank products.
Unlimited 4G data
Relocation expenses. Staff deals including gym memberships, tickets etc. Moving day leave. Staff health insurance & super. Great banking discounts.
Has a bunch of staff deals for companies eg. cheap movie tickets Has team events eg. pizza night, lunches, conferences
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