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Sustainability at Commonwealth Bank

7.7 rating for Sustainability, based on 49 reviews
Please comment on your company's efforts in this area.
Paper free and building designed for efficiency.
Any new office location has to meet very strong green targets.
My company has many CSR initiatives. Our office has recently introduced recycling, compost and other waste bins. This is with the aim of reducing the amount of rubbish that goes to landfill. Also there is a focus on working electronically to reduce paper usage.
They have paperless offices, and very environment friendly buildings, but not much ongoing awareness
The building I work in has been recognised as a green building
Very high we are paperless
Newer buildings are 100% green I believe
Tokenistic gestures (e.g. wind turbines on the roof) are emphasised, even though we continue to lend money to the fossil fuel industry
New buildings built to minimise carbon footprint - e.g. Sydney Towers. Encourage low-paper offices.
I know CBA has a commitment to zero emissions by 2050 or something...but I don't see how that eventuates in my area of the business.
Don't know... I know the cafe uses biodegradable cups and lunchboxes.
I know my employer has taken action in regard to reducing carbon footprint, however I do not know the specifics. I understand that our newer real estate is 'greener.'
Our building has a high energy rating.