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Training & Personal Development at Commonwealth Bank

7.2 rating for Training, based on 50 reviews
Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.
They give you a strong grounding in personalities and work styles. Hard skills can be learnt on the job very easily and guidance comes down to how you pursue mentorship or just your relationship with your manager
Informal training is absolutely brilliant, most of my training came from teammates assisting and teaching me. had an opportunity to go to a developer conference and that was awesome. graduate training was a mix of useful/not useful
All training is provided and funded - Excel, presentation, problem solving, etc.
There is training offered which is great. The negative would be that it is not communicated well so a lot of staff don't know what is available.
Training is done extremely well and I've picked up important people and presentation skills.
Internal training is sometimes offered however not as frequently as it should and onboarding is negligible in regards to training
Many trainings are available throughout the year, including face-to-face training or online.
Have been to some offsite training sessions, but the best training is always from other employees.
The company has a lot of opportunities to up-skill
Training is good but can be very lecture like and not practical
Training is available on a per role basis. If your role calls for it - it would appear you usually get it.
Skills re experimentation
Throughout the first year as a grad, you have the opportunity to attend more than a dozen workshops that help improve multiple skill sets. I have also attended multiple external workshops on similar areas (e.g. public speaking). My employer also generously paid for a diploma course.
Excellent personal development training courses that teach you a lot about yourself
Training programs for all systems and day-to-day skills. Ongoing training for advancing skills. Encouragement to pursue higher education. Analytical and communication training. General business skills during the graduate program. Great culture to help each other and ask questions.
The graduate program have a lot of training. For example, how to give feedback, how to do well in your performance review. There are forums for women in IT and they are quite good. But I feel there aren't as many opportunities for training if you aren't a grad and if you are male...
There are a series of training programs run within the Bank. Trainings comes in different forms i.e. - In person seminars/training sessions - Online I've learnt how to analyse a set of financial statements, how to assess the viability of transactions and more generally about legal concepts, how businesses operate and the economy.
Training and induction processes could be better when initially starting within a new team. Some teams have a formal induction and training process, others don't.