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Working Hours at Commonwealth Bank

8.6 rating for Working Hours, based on 50 reviews
How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
Great degree of flexibility. I'm there to get a job done, not fill out timesheets.
pretty flexible. I work 4 days a week (part time), opportunity to work from home. Very rarely required to stay late/come in early
flexible - 8:30am- 6pm
9-5 pretty much with a lot of flexibility such as working from home
Super flexible.
I've found it to be an extremely flexible organisation with plenty of aptitude for working from home/working when it suits you
My company is very flexible with work hours and is happy for staff to work hours that suite their lifestyle. E.g. you can start at 7am and finish at 330pm if you need to pick up your kids from school. I usually work from 9am-5:30pm most days with an hour for lunch.
Extremely flexible, especially if you can achieve and get the work done. Extremely happy with the work/life balance.
CBA is very flexible allowing working from home.
Really good
Very flexible - you manage your own time, and are flexible if you have commitments outside of work to attend too.
No demand to work beyond 9 to 5, and I'm already working flexibly to accommodate additional study (I work remotely one afternoon per week).
I work 9am-6pm but longer during busier times. This is compensated with time off in lieu mostly and a flexible approach to my overall work. I am encouraged to shift my hours around events or courses which I may have on and also work flexibly from home sometimes.
Very flexible - just need to get the work done.
Not too bad. Depends on the role though.
normal hours which at your manager's discretion you can adjust so long as it does not impact your work
Pretty flexible, my manager says that we can manage our own hours as long as we get the work done!
Very flexible hours. Work from home is alright
Typically, 50-60 hours depending on workload. If it is quiet, you are able to leave earlier.
Variable depending on job, but for me there is really no office hours commitment - I work from any of 4 offices and often from home