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Commonwealth Bank

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Office & Workplace at Commonwealth Bank

8.1 rating for Workplace, based on 50 reviews
Please comment on your company's office space, location and facilities. And while we're at it, please tell us a little about the dress code.
Amazing offices where collaboration is very easy. Downside is that there are never enough meeting spaces or quiet work areas.
Dated office space with too many people sharing a floor.
Office is pretty cool, comfy desks, showers/bike sheds, personal lockers, plenty of communal/social hangout areas. Dress code is smart casual, just as long as you look nice they are pretty flexible
Mostly dress for the day. I wear corporate/semi-formal. The buildings are great - most important for me is the shower and change room facilities which are ace
Dress code is formal but depending on location and business unit
Most offices are in Sydney and are very varied. Some are activity based others are not. I work in the head office were the dress code is quite strict aside from Fridays. Most of the other offices have more relaxed dress codes.
Location very good close to public transport and good views
Facilities in my office are fantastic with lots of light and colour throughout the office space. Technology is also very modern. Dress code is business attire when meeting with customers and business casual on a Friday.
Pretty good offices. Activity based working means it is sometimes hard to find a desk, and some areas on the floor are quite noisy or busy. Dress code is very casual though--I wear pants and a collared shirt, some people get away with more casual
Really good location with technologically enables offices
Lots of locations and space
Many different buildings, and thus many different facilities and dress code! My building provides, showers and bike storage facilities, and the dress code varies between teams. There is a mix on my floor from total corporate (suits and ties) to jumpers and joggers. It really depends on your team!
Has the essentials, but in a moderately outdated building.
Pros: Brand new and very relaxed dress code. Extremely clean and everything works. Cons: Completely overcrowded.
Major centres have great facilities. Regional areas left behind somewhat. Sydney/Melbourne have state of the art facilities with activity based working for a number of roles. Regional areas less flexible and new. Great location. Dress code is dependent on your role - relatively flexible, corporate wear for my role. Casual Fridays.
Office space is ABW, sometimes this means you will not get a desk to work at. Also constant moving between offices to see people from other teams can be frustrating. Dress code is business casual.
Great view. Great location. Formal dress code. Casual Fridays. But we all have permanent desks that are not regularly cleaned. It fosters a silo mentality. Meeting rooms always full because there aren't a lot of break out areas.
The building is open space. It could get quite noisy at times but you get used to it. Activity based working is how people work - each get a laptop. There are bean bags, fancy seating arrangements and you get to wear smart casual everyday if you're in ES. But if you have a meeting with stakeholders, then you should wear business wear.
Office location in Adelaide is great. Very central. However, the office is not as nice as the offices interstate. Dress code is professional. As a female I don't have to necessarily wear a suit. A nice dress or skirt and blouse is sufficient. If you're not visiting clients then you can probably dress more comfortably. It depends on your manager. Every Friday we wear casuals.
Casual dress code in Digital.