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About CRCC Asia

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CRCC Asia specialises in international internships in South Korea, Japan, China, Vietnam and the UK with the aim of boosting interns global employability and making them truly stand out from the crowd.

We are committed to fostering a community of global career-ready graduates, equipped with diverse and sought after skills, who will be employable all over the world. Our award-winning programs are framed around 5 Key Learning Objectives of Employability, Cultural Agility, Country Knowledge, Sector Specific Knowledge and Global Connections.

All internship programs in all locations include pre-departure training, visa-processing, high-quality serviced accommodation, 24/7 on-location support, language classes and, social, business and networking events. CRCC Asia has provided international internships to more than 8,000 students from over 150 countries since 2006.

We look forward to providing a fun and supportive environment, in which you can gain skills that will help you to advance your career prospects in today’s competitive global economy.

Why Intern Abroad?

All of our programs have been built around 5 key learning objectives. From the first conversation with a CRCC Asia Admissions Advisor, through to the very last day of the internship program, and extending into the re- entry period through our alumni programming, you will have access to dedicated advisors, intentionally designed cultural and professional events, 24-7 on-location support, professional development courses formatted so that you can fully realize your goals throughout the experience in China, England, Japan, South Korea or Vietnam and much more! Each learning objective has been developed in accordance with our program framework, and to allow you to foster new skills and create your own personal and professional narrative. 

So, Why Intern Abroad? By participating in one of CRCC Asia’s Internship Programs, you will dramatically boost global employability and have the opportunity to build your skill set in the following areas:

  • Gain valuable professional skills for career development and enhanced Employability
  • Learn to be adaptable, sensitive of others and resilient through our focus on Cultural Agility and cross-cultural communication 
  • Develop Country Specific Knowledge including cultural heritage, politics, history, country specific business practice, language skills, and an understanding of China, Japan, Vietnam, and England’s place in the 21st Century
  • Apply their academic expertise in a professional setting to give students hands-on insight into their field and Sector Specific Knowledge
  • Expand personal and professional networks with CRCC Asia’s guidance to establish Global Connections.


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