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Career Prospects at Deloitte

7.3 rating for Career Prospects, based on 138 reviews
Please tell us about promotion possibilities and fill us in on what it takes to move up the ranks.
Very well defined and if you can put your case together the process is there with someone to bat for you.
Lots of room for growth.
Based on other colleagues progression, moving up the ranks is very accessible.
I'm not sure about this one because i haven't been here long
Promotion cycles occur every 6 months, with promotions happening when your coach feels you're meeting the requirements consistently
I have only started but the process seems sensible.
There is a generally accepted process of moving up the ladder, as in everyone tends to step up at the same time. It's difficult to progress faster than the norm.
It's unclear. I think you have to do your time.
As long as your work is up to standard, progression is very easy given business is going well
The first few years are mostly a set process. It is clear what you have to do to get promoted, and most graduates will expect a promotion about 15 months after starting.
Standard consultancy hierarchy, it's hard to be fast tracked unless you are a freak, however it's somewhat easy to be promoted at the standard times (e.g.: each June).
Very clear competencies that need to be met in order to be promoted. These include technical/project skills, general professional skills and firm contributions. Once you've been seen to demonstrate said competencies by your managers/partner/coach then you go up for promotion.
I don't know too much about this, as I am new.
The first 3 years is somewhat standard. Promotions are given out every June along with your performance feedback AS LONG as you were at the company before January of that year otherwise you have to wait for the next year. Analysts will almost always become consultants within 1.5 years. Consultants will move up to Senior consultant in 1-2 years depending on how good you are. Senior con will move to manager in roughly 2-3 years again depending on your skills and after manager its purely dependent on your skills on how fast you move up. Each level has a set of criteria you should meet (its on the deloitte internal webpage) and you use your 'project goals' to show at performance meetings that you have met these. i.e. if you wanted to be a manager you have to show you have controlled groups of people effectively and used management tools so your goals might be 'use JIRA and agile methodologies within a group setting effectively' which you can then tick off once completed (your career coach ticks them off with you, so you can't just do it willy nilly) and you can then show that at your next performance meeting.
I believe it takes just over a year to move from grad to consultant, obviously dependent on skill
I have only been with Deloitte since March, but have already seen two new Partner promotions within DPE!
Clear promotion guidelines and process.
The company provides many opportunities to be promoted. You simply need to show that you are doing that extra bit of work
There are frameworks with ranges but this is a hard one to answer because it depends on the individual.