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Corporate Social Responsibility at Deloitte

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What projects/initiatives does your employer run and what have you worked on personally?
World-class CSR initiatives and programs. (Impact Day etc.)
We have impact day once a year, where employees go out into communities and volunteer for a day.
There are options available but they are not integrated into normal work, i.e.: you do them on your own time
They do great work with charities including Oxfam and part of the grad program you do some work for charity. I think they do this very well.
has a foundation set up for voluntary opportunity, support charity across the world and annual volunteering day for all employees
Donations, charity days, volunteering events, pro bono work etc.
Impact day once a year where employees are encouraged to volunteer on firm time for different charities either with their specific business skillset or non-specifically. Pro-bono work opportunities. Graduates are also involved in a pro-bono piece for a charity organisation as part of the graduate program.
The Deloitte Foundation. make an impact day
Impact day is one day out of the year. My previously company gave employees 7 days a year to volunteer.
Charities & impact day
Charity days, always people doing charity events.
They run events such as health awareness and also a number of other types of well being events during the year
Impact day as well as the little things and continual pro bono work
Deloitte is involved in multiple charity initiatives and there is an entire day allocated every year for every staff member to make a difference in their surrounding community
Deloitte has a charity section for pro-bono consulting work Every employees also has a day to spend at a charity.