Corporate Social Responsibility at Deloitte

What projects/initiatives does your employer run and what have you worked on personally?

have foundation to fundraise and raise awareness and have yearly day for charity
Entry level, Sydney
Impact day - a day in November where all staff visit a charity for the day and help out
Entry level, Hobart
We have an organisation-wide charity foundation and a micro-volunteering platform. Every employee is encouraged to take a day of paid volunteer leave each year, which I have done every year since starting. My company is also very involved in the Movember and Oxfam trailwalker initiatives, and I have actively participated in both each year since starting
Midlevel, Melbourne
The company is constantly fundraising and helping out with charities and organisations. Once a year, the entire firm nationally will have a day off to perform volunteer activities
Graduate, Sydney
Relatively high. We do pro-bono work, we are given flexibility and days off to volunteer
Graduate, Perth
Deloitte Foundation, Impact Day, Pro Bon work, Oxfam Trail Walk, TEDx, micro volunteer @ Deloitte, could be more opportunities to engage with partners and could be more strategic around who we are funding
Graduate, Perth
Constantly promoting charitable events and initiatives. Wide range of events and charity partners who we do very well for
Graduate, Perth
The company does seem to be committed to CSR. The CEO feels strongly about it. I think there is room for improvement though, as the company could integrate CSR more into its strategic planning. My company does have its own CSR arm though - The Deloitte Foundation - which helps this cause
Graduate, Sydney
Annual Impact Day in which everyone in the office participates in some form of volunteering. A very enjoyable day
Graduate, Melbourne