Culture at Deloitte

Please describe your company's culture both in the office and after hours. Let us know about the structure and hierarchy, cooperation and teamwork, and socialising amongst colleagues.

Fun with Serious intent. This is extremely difficult in a large organisation however Deloitte seem to have found a formula which works
Entry level, Hobart
People are actually very intelligent but there is so much time wastage and unnecessary overtime brought on by a culture of "extra-curricular" activities
Graduate, Sydney
Playful culture with serious intent. Always professional but friendly in the office and after hours. Very flat structure, with inputs encouraged from all levels. Teamwork, cooperation and socialisation are expected behaviours across all levels
Midlevel, Melbourne
It is a brilliantly supportive environment, always looking for ways to improve itself. I have a lot of fun in and out of work with my colleagues
Graduate, Melbourne
Deloitte has the culture of "Having fun with a serious intent". Both in and outside the office employees give a sense of happiness and enjoyment even when times are tough and projects prove difficult. The organisation's higher management protray a very flat org structure in terms of interacting and making junior team members feel a part of the organisation. This makes teamwork easy and everyone seems to get along with everyone. Social activities are often organised to ensure we all spend time interacting with others from within the firm
Graduate, Perth
We have a strong culture of being open with each other and helping each other out when in need. It is good!
Graduate, Melbourne
Politics at higher levels is a bit frustrating. Teamwork and socializing with the my team is excellent - They really care
Entry level, Melbourne
Deloitte really invest in their people and make a concerted effort to ensure a fair work/life balance. There are plenty of social opportunities to interact and meet new people and catch up with colleagues.
Entry level, Brisbane
The culture is great, very motivated, quite structured at the same time but thankfully everyone approaches with an appropriate amount of humour and understanding. The hierarchy is very network-based, everyone helps everyone else and anyone can question and give input at any level.
Graduate, Melbourne
The culture at my work is brilliant. Everyone is so easy to get along with and i enjoy working and learning from them.
Graduate, Sydney
Culture after hours is fun, although not necessarily extensive. Culture in the office is easy going, relaxed, but hard working and driven. Cooperation and teamwork can be positive or negative, depending on the team.
Entry level, Sydney