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Culture at Deloitte

8.8 rating for Culture, based on 146 reviews
Please describe your company's culture both in the office and after hours. Let us know about the structure and hierarchy, cooperation and teamwork, and socialising amongst colleagues.
World-class culture.
Colleagues are amazing, career path is well defined.
Everyone works well together and is friendly with each other, but I wish there was some full team building events
It's very young with the majority of people under the age of 30. Makes it a really outgoing place to work. You work with people in and outside your team that allows you to build a greater relationship across the floor. Outside of work we tend to get Friday night drinks. Because we are all new, we don't socialise that much together outside of work.
Working with the most talented and enthusiastic people.
There are corporate events that enable you to network with various divisions
My team regularly has events outside of work and the company as a whole holds many events to boost our knowledge, skills and satisfaction such as weekly breakfast, training sessions etc.
In the office the environment is professional but people are very approachable and helpful. There's a lot of effort put into out of work events, such as dinners and networking, which are good fun.
The company culture is on point as it has a perfect mix of playful/ fun and getting the work done attitude. Additionally, majority of my colleges are very supportive and easy to talk to.
There are heaps of events and opportunities to network. The culture is friendly and a great place to learn
It's hard to comment on because each division is effectively run as a separate entity and each division has their own culture (whilst sharing a macro singular brand identity, values and principles). The culture of my division is friendly however I wish we had more social events outside of the working day that were supported by the firm.
The culture here is amazing. I actually really believe in the values of being honest and truthful in work. So many charitable initiatives you can be involved in. Diversity and inclusion is evident in terms of respect for different religions, always different dietary requirements catered for, social events etc. There are heaps of social events and it's almost impossible not to make friends. They love nurturing grads and making sure we pursue our own personal career paths.
A very flat structure, easy to communicate with all levels and you get the ability to work closely with partners/directors as well as other grads
Depending on the team it can be a flat structure, they try to do that but some directors/managers are hierarchal. There is a huge network so you get the opportunity to learn from a lot of people once you prove yourself.
Everyone is really social and likes hanging out both inside and outside work hours. There is always going to be office politics in a firm this size, but it's a lot less than I was expecting. Everyone is willing to help out, and even though there is a clear hierarchy, most people don't act 'superior' just because of their title
Weekly drinks and snacks, monthly birthday celebration
Everyone is very supportive, achievements are well recognised, after-work events commonly organised, flat structure means it is easy as a graduate to have a conversation with managers/directors/partners.
Working hours are 8:45 - 5:15, fortnightly Trivia and Social events.
Good team rapport during and after office hours. Flat structure so rank isn't a determinant in being able to approach people, though managers and higher up can be difficult to find time to catch up with during business hours. Same goes with ideas -even as a graduate your ideas are heard and given voice in project discussions. Good cooperation between the wider team at the client site regardless of project. Managers do a good job in making sure your hours are reasonable (longer hours are sometimes unavoidable).
I have found that everyone is extremely approachable and interested in you. Everyone, including senior leaders are happy to and go out of their way to make time to connect with new graduates and genuinely are about you. There are a lot of social activities to get involved with, as well as learning opportunities i.e.. lunches with speakers from particular areas. Everyone in the workplace genuinely cares about these events and supports each other, encouraging others to get involved in these events. Staying connected to your team is encouraged. Graduates have a monthly event to connect with each other which has different formats i.e.. breakfasts with a speaker, networking drinks one evening. There is also a gathering every month for our area within consulting.