Management at Deloitte

How accessible are managers and do they make good mentors? You may want to address internal communication, performance feedback or praise and recognition.

Managers undergo thorough training to improve their coaching skills, and many are excellent at it in any case. Feedback is constant and encouraged from and to all levels. Managers, directors and partners are exceptionally approachable.
Midlevel, Melbourne
Very friendly and happy to discuss anything
Entry level, Adelaide
Management are filled with many amazing mentors. However, under-resourced projects mean that you sometimes have levels of management missing between you and the senior people in the project. They are sometimes out of practice with managing new analysts.
Graduate, Melbourne
Our managers are excellent in terms of interaction. We can call them any time with our concerns. Performance feedback is portrayed in a relaxed and informal manner with honest and open feedback
Graduate, Perth
There is good communication from partners about their expectations and their recognition of good work.
Graduate, Melbourne
Very accessible. I can talk to managers as if they are my equal. My counselling manager (everyone is assigned one) is very helpful and always offers great advice. I have been very lucky.
Entry level, Sydney
They are open and give great advice
Entry level, Melbourne
Everyone is assigned a manager and a partner mentor. Managers are very approachable and we work closely with them. Managers will give you feedback at the end of each engagement.
Graduate, Sydney
Managers are accessible every day. Even if they are not in the office with you, they will promptly respond to emails and always take the time to catch up when they see you
Graduate, Canberra
Very good, more senior staff members are also happy to mentor you if you are proactive and reach out to them.
Graduate, Melbourne
My managers have always provided great support. Additionally, I have a counselling manager with whom I can discuss my challenges and career opportunities. I get frequent feedback which helps me develop.
Graduate, Sydney
Open door policy at all times.
Graduate, Melbourne
Upper management is extremely accessible and supportive. Feedback mechanisms are effective and constructive. Praise and recognition is also celebrated with monthly awards provided to exceptional work.
Graduate, Melbourne