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Management at Deloitte

8.6 rating for Management, based on 142 reviews
How accessible are managers and do they make good mentors? You may want to address internal communication, performance feedback or praise and recognition.
Always an open door and always happy for a chat. Will even reach out to you if they haven't seen you for a while.
They are really helpful and understand where you are coming from.
It's a very flat hierarchy which is nice.
Managers are easy to talk to, if you have a concern it's easy to organise a catch up time with them.
There seems to be a yearly performance review and every has their own career mentor. My mentor is genuinely interested in my goals and future and makes the effort to ensure I am doing well.
Managers are very accessible and will always provide you with feedback when you ask or at the completion of a project.
The managers are approachable, helpful and give good feedback on work they receive. They're great about recognizing hard work and success.
My manager is very accessible and is a perfect mentor. As my manager has been through a similar experience, he understands my current situation and adapts his method accordingly.
We have events to ask the partners questions and bond with them. Other sessions with senior consultants for knowledge sharing are also available.
The coaching system they have in place is fantastic and there's definitely a lot of support here.
A lot of people have really good relationships with managers, I haven't been around long enough to develop those yet
Weekly catch up with manager and fortnightly catch up with team and partner
Very accessible, always willing to answer questions or help out. Treated equally, don't notice much hierarchy.
Yes very good on all accounts.
Accessible and happy to make time for you, though busy. Good mentors who give timely performance feedback.
Managers are very accessible and approachable. Structure is very flat.
Every manager is accessible in most cases. In your home office managers are very easy to find and talk to. On project sites it may get harder, they are sometimes running around to meetings but usually within an hour you could find/talk to them. I've had some issues in terms of coaching. The process for grads is on every project you should have a coach, unfortunately on one of mine my coach was very busy and gave me little to no feedback BUT in general they are good with this. The feedback loop is: After a project has finished your manager will develop feedback. This goes to your career coach (completely separate to the project coach) which then relays the feedback to you. If necessary you can then have a follow up meeting with your manager/project coach to ask any questions or clear anything up but that's the 2 people you will talk to. Career coach and project coach.
Very accessible, very helpful, great mentors.
Leadership is transparent
The hierarchy is flat, so you may even spend most days sitting next to your tech lead/ project coach.