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Application Process & Interviews at Deloitte

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Please describe the interview process and assessments.
Online assessment, phone interview, assessment centre, partner interview.
Group interviews and one on ones.
I believe there were 3 online assessments when I applied, however, I progressed through the Development Day Program which was a 2 day intensive program, through to the Vacation Program for 6-8 weeks and 2 final interviews for a position as a Graduate.
I had an online application, an online test (gamified), a phone interview, the assessment centre, a case study (with presentation and interview follow up) and a partner interview.
Started with an online aptitude test, followed by a phone interview, assessment center and one on one interview, and finally a partner interview. Was fairly standard as far as grad recruitment processes go.
Online Test Assessment Centre - group work Director/ manager interview Partner interview
They were challenging and a little competitive, but the most of the other candidates were easy to work with.
My personal experience was different because I was referred by someone who already worked there. I had a phone and face to face interview.
all elements of the interview process and assessments were fun
Complex and long, very impersonal until the very last interview. Lots of tests.
The interviewers were really good at making sure I was able to relax and show who I really was in the interview, instead of being a nervous wreck
Application online follow by computer assessment phone interview with HR to get to know you better and if the role is suitable A/C with individual and group work then 1 on 1 with a director from the department final interview with 2 directors
Online initial assessment, quick phone conversation with HR, group assessment stage (I skipped this as I applied late and had a referral), and a case study/partner interview.
First round psychological assessment, then group interview, then Manager interview, then Partner interview
Complex, interesting, problem solving. A number of rounds (Assessment Centre, Partner interviews, case studies, phone interviews, online tests etc.)
I got a graduate position through a summer vacationer position. The process for the summer vacationer position was: online application, online testing, phone interview, assessment centre, case study and partner interview.
Unlike other graduate interviews/assessment centres I had in looking to secure a grad job, I felt that the interview process made me feel comfortable and confident to do my best without making us complete childish activities.
In 2017 the process was a logical/behavioral assessment, its very unique and ahead of other companies (its online and interactive). After that was a quick phone interview, then an assessment centre which consisted of a problem which you worked in teams and then a solo interview (this has changed in 2018, so I've heard). After that I had an interview with the partner for the department I applied for and if they feel like another interview you might have another one with the director (I did, but many other people the partner interview was the last stage).
Long process: online application, phone interview, group interview with one-on-one manager interview, partner interview.
The interview process and assessments were expected. The difficulty was also expected given the competitive nature of consulting.
What questions were you asked in your interviews?
Typical questions, why this line of work, why this company etc.
In my final interview, a manager would ask me technical questions while the director asked me more general questions.
Tell me something about yourself not on your resume?
Any past experience and a bit of case study work.
How have you solved conflict, have you heard of any recent cases relating to work Deloitte has been engaged in that relate to the area of work you are applying for, tell me something that is not on your CV.
The standard ones you would expect.
Basic algorithms and software knowledge questions, and questions about my goals and what I wanted from work.
What are some challenges you faced and how you deal with them? Who are you? Tell me about a time were you worked in a team?
What sectors are you most interested in? Would you consider doing a CA?
What i wanted in my job
Why I wanted to work with this company and in this field. I was asked to provide examples of when I had shown leadership, dealt with pressure, failed and how I coped with it - behavioural questions.
Culture related
What questions? There weren't any, we did case studies. There may have been one question like "why do you want to work here?" "What do you want to get out of it"
Where do you see yourself in 5 year? What is the hardest decision you've ever had to make and how did you make that decision?
questions about the current tax system behavourial questions scenario questions work experience questions
Questions about my technical abilities, and questions about my personality and how I would handle situation examples. The interviews were much more like conversations, rather than question and answer.
Interests, Education, What you are passionate about
How many tire valves are there in China? Why Deloitte? Why S&O etc.
What are your strengths? How do you take feedback? Explain a time when you showed leadership. How do you work in teams?
Something along the lines of: - Tell me about a time where you had to change your approach to a problem halfway through, how did you handle this? - What attracted you to this company, to this role, to this area etc. Throughout the interview process I was constantly given the opportunity to ask questions about the culture, workplace and to figure out if the firm was a good fit for me. My company was keen to make sure that I wanted to work there, as well as figuring out if I was a good fit from their point of view.
Do you have any specific tips and advice for candidates applying to your company? How would you recommend they best prepare?
Bring your personality in.
Be honest about yourself. Let the interview know what support you need from work and what you can offer.
Know what you are applying for. Don't go in there with no idea what you want from Deloitte and the role.
Have an understanding and an opinion of what's currently happening in the world in regards to whatever industry you're going to be involved in.
Do you research about recent engagements Deloitte has engaged.
Always tailor your cover letter to the firm your applying for, at least 1 paragraph of your cover letter should be used to talk about their values and culture and how you can align to that.
Be prepared to work with people, the assessment center is very heavy on teamwork.
Have a lot of practice by thinking about your answers to the standard interview questions, that can be found online. Practice your answers in front of a mirror and finally in front of people. Get a few people (for example friends/ family) to interview you.
Don't over prepare your answers or overstate your experience. If you don't know the answer to a question say that. Don't say what you think we want to hear, we will look for depth and substance within our conversations.
Know about the company's values and have a good answer prepared for why you want to work there. Need something to make you stand out and they are really looking for good communication skills.
be a team player, willing to work with others and do your research on the company
Study for the assessment centre and case studies. Do the work and then be yourself. Make sure you're assessing whether Deloitte is a right fit for you as well. it's not just about them assessing you. You will do well if you are genuine about why you want to be there and have realistic expectations.
Practise answering interview questions so that in the interview they come out really clearly and naturally. Make sure you can hold a conversation, most of the interview is just chatting, and this is your opportunity to show that you have good communication skills and allows the interviewer to see who you really are
be yourself try to apply your daily experience into interview questions if no relevant work experience
Talk about what you are passionate about. Do some industry research so you are prepared to discuss an emerging technology, or something else interesting.
Extracurricular activities and social engagement examples are essential
Research online, Whirlpool forums, Deloitte website, friends, family, university.
Think about what area you want to be a part of and tailor your application for that area. There's lots of different areas and the descriptions online can be confusing. I think the best way to get a feel for the company and work out what area you want to be a part of is to speak to people about what the different areas involve and how they find working at Deloitte. A summer vacationer position is great to get a feel for the company culture without having to commit to a graduate position.
Know EXACTLY what Deloitte does specific to the department you are applying for. Prepare the basic questions such as strengths and weaknesses but most importantly just be normal. Don't have set scripted answers, be fluid, have a NORMAL conversation with them. All 3 interviews the people were nice, down to earth and just wanted to have a chat about why you wanted to be at Deloitte.
Be honest, be confident, know the company you are applying for: their projects, their culture, their publications, their clients.