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Salary at Deloitte

6.2 rating for Salary, based on 147 reviews
What are your thoughts on pay and bonuses at your company?
Can be improved.
Had suitable bonuses to prepare for work life.
Industry standard
I got offers which included more money but long term this was the better choice.
We don't receive bonuses, and the Graduate pay is a lot less than what you would be receiving as Graduates in the Financial Service Companies.
A typical master of engineering graduate earns more as a starting salary, but I chose this job for other reasons and am not regretting that choice.
Pay is on the lower end for software dev graduates (the lowest offer I received) but the signing bonus helped offset that a little
Its industry standard
Pay is good for a grad, but I think it doesn't step up for a fair few years.
Bonuses were great
The pay is pretty average but I don't hold the accountability that more senior people have. I don't know of any bonuses.
It's pretty low but enough for someone with such little experience
market standards
Generous bonuses for previous study and interning at the same company. Pay is good for an entry level job with no experience.
Above median for graduate programs, however low for a tier-1 consultancy and for incredibly smart people who can be earning over double in industry. Then again, where there is huge demand for a job in my team and little supply / number of jobs available, the company does not need to have high salaries.
I think my salary is definitely fair. Graduates were given a bonus for completing a masters and a wardrobe allowance when we started, which was great.
First 3 years are pretty standard, other companies may offer better but Deloitte is known for its training programs and career progressions. So you decide what matters. Graduate is about 60k, in 1 year time that may be 70, 2/3 years going up to 90k and once you get to manager (usually 5 years) its 110k+ depending on how good you are. I believe everyone gets a bonus, even grads ($500 or less).
Average salary for the expectation of work and output
As a graduate, I am more than satisfied with the pay.
Pay secondary to opportunity and growth
What are your company's best or most unusual perks? For example: free tickets, free dinners, moving expenses, taxis, pension, etc.
Lots of free food for graduates.
Free parking in the city on weekends.
Lots of travel opportunities which has associated benefits.
We have an awesome basement with changerooms, showers, towels provided, mirrors, hair dryers and ironing boards. There's also a fitness studio which I've used a number of times
Drinks provided every Friday afternoon
A lot of training/ that is valuable in the future D academy Taxi home and free dinner after 7/8 pm
Company events - breakfast, movies
Good facilities at the office, gym discount, free yoga/Pilates, discounted health insurance
Free breakfast, coffee and a lot of events are catered.
Taxis, dinner when you work past 8, work social events that are paid for, they pay for 80% of your phone bill which is great
Lots of social events
parking after hours and on weekends
Free food/snacks and coffee, many social events
team drinks, dinners, lunches, networking, sports - basically anything and everything
Free taxi ride home when you finish late.
They have all the usual perks. I think the best thing, which isn't really a perk, but Deloitte will reimburse for pretty much anything that is a result of work. IF you have to move they will reimburse some costs, after hours you can catch taxis and get reimbursed. If you catch trains/buses out of hours or interstate for work they will pay. If you drive out of hours for work they reimburse. You'll never be out of pocket for work related expenses.
I did get sent overseas for training
Free fruit on Mondays and Wednesday Free toast, wine, beer and Kombucha on Fridays. Free yoga and Pilates classes
Parking access on the weekend in the city centre
Expensed Trips to Client Meetings