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Training & Personal Development at Deloitte

8.5 rating for Training, based on 146 reviews
Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.
Amazing internal and external programs. Collaboration with top universities.
Typical introduction type stuff so far, but have a training camp coming up which should be exciting.
We have monthly training for tax, on top of an internal tax course. we also have regular updates for super and other components of the job.
Best thing about the grad program is the training.
There was a graduate induction session on day 1 which caught everyone up to speed about the company. There have been other training session since then to teach us other skills that are applicable to everyone. I also had my own training (roughly 3 weeks worth) which was specific to my team and involved presentations, interactive sessions and revision work.
The company puts a lot of work into training. We had a week of general consulting training, a week of self paced software training, and a two week boot camp to introduce us to the work Platform Engineering does.
Very good training both technical and soft skills
There is so much training and it really doesn't stop, there are online resources you can access anytime to further develop.
Training is a bit below my knowledge/skills level. Targeted at a much younger group.
There is a lot of ongoing training and development
inhouse training for tax graduate
Extensive training programs (sometimes feel as though it's too much). Have learnt business development skills, networking skills, technical skills, time management and organisational skills.
Excellent training, Deloitte books out ANZ stadium for graduate induction.
Best training programs for a graduate program in Australia. Training for all skills (both EQ and IQ)
We've had a structured problem solving, business writing and time/priorities management course. Also in-house data science/machine learning course specific to my operating unit.
There is an incredible amount of training for anything from managing your outlook calendar and emails to consulting processes. This is done very well by my company.
Deloitte is very good in terms of training for new graduates. For lateral hires its a bit harder but everything you need to know you should get taught. There is training you can sign up to independently as well and heaps of online courses you can complete whenever and wherever you like.
Practice specific certifications - Workday. Invested quite a hefty amount so early on.
Self paced and requests for sponsorship
DPE have invested a lot of time and resources into our training and will always be supportive of their staff wanting to level-up their skills.