Working Hours at Deloitte

How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?

Hours vary from 9-5, to periods of significant overtime depending on the project.
Graduate, Sydney
Very flexible - as long as the work gets done
Entry level, Hobart
Very flexible, within reason. In consulting, we need to adapt to the client scenario, so it depends how flexible the client is.
Midlevel, Melbourne
Time off is respected for important life events or health concerns, but there is encouragement to avoid inconveniently scheduled annual leave. Sometimes teaming well means putting the work stream ahead of some annual leave. Not the greatest, but not the worst either.
Graduate, Melbourne
Generally I work between 8-9 hours per day. Recently the project I am on requires approx. 9-11 hour days.
Graduate, Perth
Not too flexible, but are willing to adjust where personal circumstances require
Graduate, Melbourne
Hours are long while on a project - However when it is quiet, the days are much shorter. When busy, 10-12 hours per day. When it is quiet 5-7 hours per days. Busy about 90% of the time
Entry level, Melbourne
As a consultant I am always working off site and am very mobile. All I carry is a laptop, an internet dongle and my phone. This allows me to work anywhere. The general opinion is that as long as you are available for meetings when they are scheduled and you are not inconveniencing anyone in your team by not being around then it is fine. I often leave work early, go to the gym and log on later in the evening to finish my work.
Entry level, Sydney
Very flexible. I could start work and end work whenever I like. As long as the work is completed at the end of the day (it just so happens that the work takes 40 hours)
Graduate, Melbourne
It can be okay, you just have to get used to the idea that you'll go home when it's dark.
Graduate, Sydney
Work from 8-6 normally with the odd occasion of working later than this on busy projects
Graduate, Perth
Flexible when it comes to hours if notified, only downside is working the number of hours we have been working through the year. Have not really had a quite season as yet
Graduate, Brisbane
Not very flexible, the hours are very long, especially during busy accounting periods. You are expected to work long hours and work life balance can suffer, you need to sacrifice your life outside work at certain times.
Graduate, Perth
Work hours can get very long during busy season. The company tries to be flexible where possible however there is an expectation to work late during certain months.
Graduate, Melbourne