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Working Hours at Deloitte

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How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
Currently come in early and leave early to better suit my activities.
No one would really keep track of how many hours I work. However, I would work till I am satisfied with how much work I've done which could sometimes mean a bit of overtime. If needed, I could leave a bit earlier if I have something on outside of work.
As long as you meet your engagements and time sheet demands, you can have any balance you want
The company is flexible when it comes to working arrangements whether its working from home, taking leave, etc.
7.5 hours is the minimum, although I typically do 8 just because I want to finish things off at the end of the day. Hours are very flexible. I can start and finish at whatever time I want and working from home is also an option when sick.
Focus is all about results, not hours. Some people start at 8, some at 10, my boss has been known to send me home at 4 if things are done.
As a grad there is not that much flexibility, however in saying that if you had some commitments/ Deloitte is willing to work around it
I work minimum 7.5 hour days - they are flexible.
Very flexible - normally get in around 8:15 and leave at 4:45 - 5
Official hours at 8:45-5:15 but it is highly flexible. I don't take my laptop home and don't feel the need to work from home. You can take breaks throughout the day, just get your work done.
It's up and down. When there's a deliverable we work hard but we have the option to work from home and they pay for our cabs and dinner. Otherwise the hours aren't too bad.
They are quite flexible, as long as you get the work done it doesn't matter if you need to leave early one day
flexible, came in early and finish when you have done your hours. able to work from home
Very flexible, but dependent on the project. I am able to work from home easily if needed, or arrive and leave early/late - we are trusted to work our own hours (equating to 37.5 per week), as long as we get the work done.
8:45 - 5:45. Company is extremely flexible and working from home is available.
Flexible, although it is expected to be in the office generally.
9-5 with the occasional 9-6.30. Company is flexible though with consultancy depends on the client.
Before I started in my role, I had expected to be working long hours every week based on the experiences of people I know in graduate jobs and consulting more specifically. These reference points where not employees from my company though, and once I arrived I realised that the hours are far more manageable than expected. Occasionally I work late or on weekends, but only when necessary. I have worked from home a few times, and flexible working is definitely encouraged.
I generally work 9-5. Most projects will do those hours. If you got something due in the near future that can extend to 6pm, 7pm later if need be but it really depends. Its the same as uni, if you work well in the beginning you wont have late nights! With that being said if you travel to client work i.e. fly down Monday morning, they generally are happy if you come in around 10am and leave around 4pm. They understand flying takes it out of you and you might need a rest. The general motto is, get your work done and no one really minds where you are or what you do. If you go have lunch with your family from 2-3pm but you completed all your work, no ones going to worry about where you were. If you leave at 2pm for a haircut or dentist once again, prepare early, finish your work and no one will question it (just don't make a habit of doing it every week, they might start to catch on). If you are sick work from home, if you need a rest work from home, just explain it to your project lead, get your work done, make sure if someone needs to contact you they can and you should be all good. Key points at Deloitte: 1. Make sure someone knows where you are and why 2. Get your work done, don't leave someone high and dry 3. If you need a break, tell someone, they will help. 4. If you are out of the office during 9-5pm make sure you can be contacted!!!
8.45-5.30 roughly