Office & Workplace at Deloitte

Please comment on your company's office space, location and facilities. And while we're at it, please tell us a little about the dress code.

Modern space and facilities in CBD location. That being said, those who work in consulting work from client sites more often than not. Dress code is business, or whatever the client defines
Midlevel, Melbourne
We use hot desks, the office is nicely located on Bourke St. The dress code is no tie (except at client sites) and very professional. Most people have a standard suit, but some people get creative with their suit and tie choices
Graduate, Melbourne
Our office is located in the CBD of Sydney near circular quay. It has beautiful views of the opera house and harbour, it's very nice. However, I am on the client site 90% of the time though so I barely spend any time at this office. When I am there though I hot desk. In terms of dress code, I match whatever the level of dress code my client goes with. I do not wear a suit, usually just a top and skirt or dress. Men will wear suits for client meetings
Entry level, Sydney
Company space is very open, clean, enjoyable, and friendly. Dress code is business attire as expected
Graduate, Melbourne
Pretty stock standard city office. Dress code is professional at all times
Entry level, Melbourne
We aren't in the office often as we are client based but the offices are very adequate located in the heart of the city. The dress code is dependent on whether you are going to the client or not, we are encouraged to dress more formal then casual as it appears more professional.
Graduate, Sydney
Don’t have to wear a tie. Nice views etc. open plan.
Entry level, Brisbane
Love hot desking and open floor plan
Graduate, Perth
Dress code is very relaxed and supports individuality - senior management set a strong example and dress is dictated by culture not rules. Office facilities are very nice and provision of equipment is fantastic. Could do with a decent coffee machine
Graduate, Perth
Dress code depends on your team - mostly business wear, corporate if you are meeting clients
Graduate, Melbourne
Smart business attire, good view, lots of space for working, but not in the office too often so don’t get to use all amenities
Graduate, Brisbane
There are 2 locations. The city location is excellent however I would not want to work at the other location on the city outskirts. The client facing part is excellent, behind the scenes its just another office. The dress code is very high and we are expected to always wear business attire - however we don't really get paid the salary that enables us to wear nice business attire
Graduate, Adelaide
The office space is nice. It's an open-plan office which encourages colleague interaction. The bathrooms are nice, we have a mini food court downstairs in our building, and it's close to public transport. The dress code is business attire, though Fridays are casual - at least in my team they are
Graduate, Sydney
Professional dress except for Friday's in which there is an unwritten rule of smart casual Friday.
Graduate, Melbourne