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Office & Workplace at Deloitte

8.2 rating for Workplace, based on 145 reviews
Please comment on your company's office space, location and facilities. And while we're at it, please tell us a little about the dress code.
Dress code is generally business casual when in the office, depends on how the client dresses. Generally dress to match the client.
Very nice office. Business suits are standard.
The kitchen area is uncomfortable and very small; however, we will be moving to a new building with better facilities in 2 years. Dress code is corporate M-T and Friday is casual.
The space is nice and open. We have a kitchen, coffee machine, dishwashers and bathrooms on every floor. The dress code depends on your department, but for the team I started in, we can essentially wear whatever is comfortable, unless we are seeing a client that day.
The offices are very impressive.
Offices are nice, but a little overfull. Company is building new offices to address this. Hot desks are used by most teams, there's coffee machines and kitchens on every floor. The dress code varies between business casual and formal depending on the situation (meeting clients, etc.)
The office is a 10 minutes walk from Wynard/ Circular Quay stations, therefore it is easily accessible via public transport. We have hot desk - meaning we can sit anywhere within a designated area.
Hot desking, all the facilities kitchen bathroom etc. Dress code is pretty casual as i work in digital but when on client site it can vary.
Location and facilities are convenient and quality. Hot desking is a nuisance however I've only ever sat in the same desk. Dress code is far better than I thought. I hated the idea of having to wear a suit and I don't. I often wear dark jeans, a button up shirt and jacket.
Dress code in the Darwin office is relaxed but professional - dress according to the client and your day. Fridays is casual
So beautiful - view of Sydney harbour, good kitchen with snacks, clean, couches and ping pong tables, amazing shower facilities, bike storage, good coffee machines
Beautiful office space, very happy to work here everyday
The location, space and facilities are great and working from the office is really pleasant. I haven't had any issues with the dress code being general corporate/office wear
easily accessible
Location is great, very central, hot desks. Too crowded on Fridays and hard to find a desk because of hot desking. Currently in the process of building a larger office though to address this. Dress code is very relaxed, very casual. Jeans and t-shirt is acceptable, but most people will dress more smart-casual.
Excellent facilities, table tennis and world class offices in the CBD.
Does the job, good location - buildings follow a cyclical process which means we will have the best building in 2020, and for now it is average.
Space is hot-desk. Functional and well designed. There's good coffee. Changerooms are well done. Location is in the CBD. Dress code is dependent on business area, in consulting slightly more casual though still on the more formal business side. Friday is smart casual.
Brisbane office just got revamped, it has EVERYTHING you need. There is breakfast food freely available, coffee machines, tea, milk anything you need. There is bread, crackers, spreads all those small types of food things to keep you going. Location is on the riven in Brisbane, so its amazing. Transport to and from is easy. Dress code is generally formal, suit pants and collard shirt. Tie is not required, jacket is not required unless you have important client meetings. Of course you wear a jacket if its cold as well. Fridays are casual dress i.e. Jeans and collard shirt. In general the dress code changes from department to department. Deloitte Digital (the guys who make pretty apps) are far less casual on EVERYDAY than the rest of the office. First day, wear suit pants, nice shoes, collard shirt, no tie, no jacket unless its cold and you'll be fine. Pick it up as you go along from there.
good office space, hot desking, fresh fruits on Monday and Wednesday, free bread on Fridays. dress code is business/formal mon-thu and casual on fridays.