Erin Department of education graduate image


Griffith University
University of Southern Queensland
Erin has a Bachelor of Arts (Languages and Linguistics) & a Bachelor of Education (Secondary) from Griffith University and a Master of Education from University of Southern Queensland

A highlight for Erin was meeting the other graduates and forming networks in the department. Everyone was welcoming and willing to take the time to help her find her feet.

What university did you attend?

I completed my undergraduate studies at Griffith University in Brisbane. I received my post-graduate certifications from the University of Southern Queensland.

What is your qualification?

I have a Bachelor of Arts (Languages and Linguistics), Bachelor of Education (Secondary) and a Master of Education.

Where are you from originally?

Originally from New South Wales, I have spent many years in Queensland and also lived abroad in Asia.

What areas of the department did you work in during your graduate year?

My first rotation was in the HERI cluster in the International Group, working on the South East Asia desk.

My second rotation was in the Schools and Youth Cluster, working on the Teach For Australia programme and also working on the “Literacy and Numeracy Test for Initial Teacher Education Students” (the Test) policy and legislation.

What type of work did you do?

My work in the International Group largely focused on supporting the department’s international agenda by helping prepare materials for key bilateral meetings, and by providing operational and logistical support to high-level delegations and Ministerial visits and our departmental representatives in Asia.

My second placement was very different. I assisted in the development and implementation of the Test, which required securing legislation and providing administrative support to a governance committee overseeing the project.  I was engaged with public and private sector stakeholders and ongoing liaison and consultation with departmental lawyers, Australian Government Solicitors and the Department of Finance to successfully legislate the Test.

What was the highlight of your graduate year?

A personal highlight was meeting the other graduates and forming networks in the department. The department is so diverse and everyone is so welcoming and willing to take the time to help you find your feet.

The whole year was an amazing experience as the programme isn’t a typical graduate programme where you receive minimum exposure to the goings on within the office. Actively working on new policy development, preparing for ministerial visits overseas, and the everyday going-on was a real highlight of the programme.