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Corporate Social Responsibility at Department of Education

8.1 rating for Corporate Social Responsibility, based on 31 reviews
What projects/initiatives does your employer run and what have you worked on personally?
There are many CSR projects that take place.
People in the department are encouraged to have corporate contributions, such as contributing to charities or working on the different employee networks.
Good. There are regular fundraising activities and charity events that employees at the department support.
Every employee has a performance agreement which is reviewed and updated every 6 months and within our performance agreements is a 'corporate contribution' section. This makes it mandatory for every employee to complete some form of volunteering,/extra-curricular activities, whether it is baking food to raise money, joining one of the diversity networks or working a shift at the social club happy hour (held every 2nd Friday). As grads we are also involved in 'Grad fundraising' for our selected charity - this year Companion House - supporting locals who have moved to Canberra to escape war-torn countries. Through our fundraising efforts (bake sales, happy hours, a trivia night, selling chocolates etc) we have raised approx. $15,000. I am also involved in the Graduate Magazine, our grad cohort agreed to release 4 editions, I have helped to organise meetings, edit and write for the magazine.
I am a co-chair of an employee network. I was a chair of an event subcommittee and organised a departmental event which was a big hit.