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Department of Education

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Culture at Department of Education

7.8 rating for Culture, based on 33 reviews
Please describe your company's culture both in the office and after hours. Let us know about the structure and hierarchy, cooperation and teamwork, and socialising amongst colleagues.
Friendly culture, strong hierarchy, cooperation and teamwork depends on which area you're in.
The office is a very collegiate environment, and everyone is encouraged to pitch in and help others during peak times. Socialising over lunch or after work is encouraged to build team morale. Sometimes the hierarchy can be challenging due to multiple levels of clearance needed to finalise a piece of work.
Lot of hierarchy, supportive immediate team environment
There is a strong hierarchy but it varies between areas. My current area both the BM and GM walk around the floor and greet people and my BM has an open door policy and is very good about sharing info and getting people involved in projects. Lots of social events and the majority of people are helpful, accepting and friendly.
The Schools and Youth Cluster tends to avoid excessive hierarchy, cooperates quite well and encourages team-social cohesion. I have had less experience in other clusters, but they appear to be slightly more hierarchical on average. There are also a number of community networks that each represent a particular group of people, and support the department's drive for workplace equality.
It very much depends on where you are in the organization (I have been in 3 areas) so it can vary, but overall people are lovely and welcoming and helpful
The department is very flexible. We recently received laptops to use as computers and this allows more flexibility to work from home if I am unwell or have non-work related priorities. There is little 'micro-managing' in my branch and there is lots of discussion and work that takes place at all levels. For example, I have just been involved in a project alongside my Branch Manager and Group Manager.
Inclusive and diverse culture, conditions for staff are very good.
Depends on the area, generally pretty good.
Very friendly, good social life balance.
The department is fairly hierarchical. Recent staff surveys have showed relatively low morale. Senior executive retention is low in my current group. Many teams are quite siloed and fail to communicate effectively. There is some degree of socialisation amongst colleagues.
This varies greatly depending on the team
Encouraged to socialise amongst colleagues during a planned fortnightly "happy hour". Hierarchy is relatively flat with opportunities to interact with senior managers. Teamwork is greatly encouraged and the teams I have worked in have been supportive at all levels.
Supportive and inclusive - overall it is a positive atmosphere that provides flexibility
Leaders support and encourage cooperation, there is respect for your work and useful feedback.
It varies from team to team - the one I am currently in has a positive, inclusive culture and we regularly socialise in and out of work hours.
Traditional APS structure and strict hierarchy, often counter-productive and inefficient. Generally, however, the individual people are lovely and welcoming. Due to the heavy reliance on structures and clearances, employees are often frustrated and perpetuate a cycle of inefficiency despite being capable workers. Social aspects of work are great, morning and afternoon teas are common and the department celebrates a range of diversity/inclusion/cultural events throughout the year. Being part of the grad program has also been a wonderful social experience - lovely to have a support network of friends experiencing similar day-to-day challenges and wins. The grad program encourages grads to participate in a range of extra-curricular activities such as a graduate magazine and enormous fundraising efforts.
Great culture! People are very friendly and supportive especially for graduates.
There is noticeable hierarchy however within the teams that I have worked in, I feel supported and respected.