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Diversity at Department of Education

8.9 rating for Diversity, based on 32 reviews
Please provide further information on diversity with respect to women, ethnic minorities and LGBT. Please comment on issues such as recruitment, retention, promotion, child care, maternity leave, etc.
The department has a strong commitment to 'Indigenous business is everyone's business' and is very strong in this aspect of diversity. We participate in the Indigenous Australian Government Development Program, have an Indigenous Procurement Program, a Reconciliation Action Plan, and run activities during NAIDOC week. We also have an Indigenous Leader in the department. On other aspects of diversity we have a Pride Network, Women's Network, and are starting a Cultural and Linguistically Diverse Network.
Recently released a diversity strategy
I believe this is one of the best workplaces for fostering a sense of community via inclusion, respect and diversity. The department is open to celebrating different cultural events as well as marking LGBTI days of acknowledgement and celebration among other areas. There is an ability network, pride network, women's network and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander network. There is lots of support for these networks and comes from the top down.
There are various diversity networks, with some being more effective than others. Overall, I feel the department as a positive, supportive and progressive culture. In regard to disability support, the department is definitely much better than most (particularly around accessibility and leave).
They have an Indigenous quota they are working on, 63% of the workforce is female
Very high, there is a large range of diversity networks.
It is very clear that our department promotes and supports diversity. I have not seen any issues with any of the above mentioned processes not taking place due to discrimination or racism.
Supportive staff networks: Women's Network, Pride Network, ATSI Network and Accessibility Networks. Very diverse and supportive staff and leadership.
The department has a majority of women although there are issues with women being underrepresented at higher levels. The department has quite a high number of Indigenous staff and they are passionate about including LGBTIQ employees.
I think the department is very committed to diversity, as reflected in our policies and networks. I think we are among the best agencies in this regard. However, I think we need to be doing more in terms of educating staff members on cultural sensitivities.
Very good. There is a diversity strategy in place and different employee networks people are welcome to join.
The department appears to be serious about diversity and the staff composition seems to show that they are making good progress.
The Department of Education and Training is serious about diversity and generally practices what it preaches. There are three 'Diversity Networks': The Women's Network, The Ability Network, The Pride Network and The Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Network all of whom organise events, fundraise for relevant charities, educate, advocate and promote important diversity issues. As far as I know child care and maternity leave are pretty good, however work could be (and is being) done on parental leave and more rights for fathers.
Department has launched networks for providing better support to employees from diverse backgrounds. The diversity strategy is also supported by action plans for different groups.
We have a number of diversity networks which are there to celebrate and support people from all backgrounds. The department has a good flexible working arrangement policy and people are supported to take maternity leave etc.
What does your company do to attract applicants from less privileged backgrounds?
We have an Indigenous Australian Government Development Program. We also have a RecruitAbility scheme for applicants with a disability.
The graduate program seems relatively balanced and includes RecuitAbility (guaranteeing an interview for those who identify as having a disability). There is also an Indigenous graduate program which runs almost concurrently with the graduate program.
Embraces diversity
The Department has Indigenous Cadetship and Indigenous Australian Government Development Program (IAGDP).
The department participates in the Indigenous Australian Government Development Program, which encourages the recruitment and training of Indigenous Australians. The department also tries to recruit people with disabilities through the DisAbility program.
I believe we have a range of programs targeting Indigenous applicants etc
There is a program in place directly targeted at recruiting Indigenous students. Otherwise, applications are meritorious and there is no targeted recruiting.
I know there are programs to attract Indigenous Australians candidates
They have solid diversity recruitment policies and goals, but I'm not very familiar with the details.