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Department of Education

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Job Satisfaction at Department of Education

7.3 rating for Job Satisfaction, based on 33 reviews
Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
Writing briefing, administrative tasks, policy thinking, policy development
I oversee staff to drive the Australian Government's policy agenda around international education. This involves plenty of stakeholder engagement, policy analysis and research, brief writing, and problem solving. I've had the opportunity to speak at multiple conferences as a government representative.
Working in a policy role, I have had the opportunity to work on projects that are important and receive media attention.
general and project-based desk-top compliance
Current roles has a bit too much admin and travel between departments. Previous rotation had more policy work, writing and research which I enjoyed.
I am happy enough with my role, and my team makes an effort to give me interesting work. However, I would like to work in a legal area, so policy reform is not what I'm after.
I am getting to do policy work on the child care system in Australia by helping to develop micro policy. Also done ministerials and stakeholder enquiries and helping with policy to build a new IT system
Policy development, management of funding and governance arrangements for AITSL and Ministerial correspondence relating to teachers.
Receive exposure to interesting programs and policies that affect all Australians.
Providing support for Schools Funding area
Writing policy papers, briefings for senior executive and the Minister.
I really enjoy my current role. I write a lot of briefs and help to organise a wide range of events and programs. The work is diverse and quite fast-paced.
The work varies but it is typically project based work and the responsibilities will depend on the project.
My first rotation was my diverse. Currently my day-to-day work is largely admin focused and I do not have a large amount of autonomy. But good team environment.
I perform a range of functions on a daily basis, including data reporting and analysis, tackling complex program implementation issues and policy development.
Writing and analysing datasets, checking what is going on, find plausible causes and propose areas of interest.
I have a lot of responsibility for tasks within my team and I am able to contribute meaningfully to the achievement of team goals.
I work on a number of projects and initiatives related to international education, involving admin and policy support, stakeholder engagement, business planning, coordination and the creation of briefing material.
I develop policies, programs and projects.
Liaising with external suppliers and internal stakeholders, monitoring social media and web page views and compiling statistical reports weekly, drafting and contributing to briefs and other government documents.