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Management at Department of Education

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How accessible are managers and do they make good mentors? You may want to address internal communication, performance feedback or praise and recognition.
Higher management aren't very visible
Managers are usually very accessible and collegiate. More senior managers can be difficult to access simply due to the large bureaucracy in the public service. Managers make good attempts to communicate with staff and to recognise good work.
Immediate managers are good mentors and very approachable.
There are a range of people in the department and I think some are better at managing people and mentoring than others. In general I have received fair recognition and assistance. Performance feedback was planned and consistent in my previous rotation, less so in my second where things are more hectic.
Some managers are more accessible than others. My current immediate managers are particularly accessible, communicative and make good mentors. However, other areas of the department, as well as SES band 2 and above, may not be as approachable day-to-day.
I have found a mentor (almost by accident and she is fantastic), supervisors very supportive and offer advice.
Managers are quite accountable for their employees and take serious responsibility.
Recognition could improve but my managers are visible and engage with all employees.
You can luck out and get fantastic managers, although some are not as good as others.
The accessibility and quality of managers differs greatly within the department. I have experienced some who have been amazing and some who have been poor. Internal communication tends to be lacking.
This varies greatly from team to team too. I have had one team with an amazing director, and another which I believe is subpar.
It varies by section but my senior managers have been relatively visible and approachable.
Immediate supervisors have both been fantastic.
Always accessible, sometimes too busy though
I think I could have been receiving more feedback on my performance, although I am mindful that managers do not want to bombard their staff with constant feedback about minor tasks.
Varies by area and individual.
Performance Agreements with your supervisor is generally well-managed. In my experience direct supervisors have been supportive, however higher-up management are quite disconnected and obsession with formal hierarchy is a negative.
It depends but the higher up they are, the less they tend to engage with employees at lower levels.