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Salary at Department of Education

7.8 rating for Salary, based on 32 reviews
What are your thoughts on pay and bonuses at your company?
Generous pay.
The pay is quite satisfactory for the work we are doing. The payscale is transparent and consistent across the department, and most people receive a small payrise each year depending on whether they have reached the top of their payscale at their level and if their performance is satisfactory. At most levels there are no bonuses given.
Don't receive any bonuses
I am very comfortable with my level of pay as a graduate. The fact that the work is interesting (for the most part) and satisfying to complete as well as being an ongoing position makes the pay rate well worth it.
It can be a bit slow for an appropriate recruitment round to arrive for the best chance at promotion, but I am appropriately remunerated. There are no bonuses.
Good starting pay rate I think
Pays quite a generous salary, with the salary being above the median income of APS employees.
Graduate salary is quite low (APS 3 level) but there are good opportunities for progression after the Graduate Program. Performance bonuses aren't given, however Graduates receive a $500 healthy initiative bonus.
Graduates are paid quite well in my department and there's quite quick career progression so it's easy to move up a few levels in a short space of time after finishing the program.
Obviously, I want to be paid more, but I'm very aware that the pay I'm on at my level is very good.
There are no bonuses at my company and the pay structure is very transparent.
Good starting salary for a graduate.
Well paid - however the opportunity for bonuses and all permanent promotions are few and far between.
Bonuses are minimum at this stage,
Education appears to be paying an above-average salary for its graduates.
Pay is very reasonable and competitive for a graduate wage. Plus good generous leave conditions.
I am happy with the pay and bonuses.
What are your company's best or most unusual perks? For example: free tickets, free dinners, moving expenses, taxis, pension, etc.
We get 10 days off at Christmas time which is additional to our Annual Leave.
no perks, at least none communicated to employees
Happy hours fortnightly on Fridays, raising money for a different charity every year.
Moving expenses were covered for people who moved interstate. Christmas stand down and generous amounts of leave are probably the most unusual perks of the public service.
Moving expenses were covered, the APS has a high super contribution, and sometimes there are opportunities for travel.
Department paid for a large portion of my relocation costs to Canberra.
Overtime is recorded as "flex" which can be used to offset early leaving or a day off at a later time.
Flex time. Moving expenses and temporary accommodation paid for. Social club organises happy hours and events throughout the year.
N/A since we are in the public service, although we do have a lot of morning teas.
Opportunities to attend work-related conferences and sometimes travel for work - I got to go to Hobart for a three day conference.
Moving expenses, accommodation arrangement in the first month of move to look for home.
I'm not aware of any unusual perks.