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Department of Education

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Sustainability at Department of Education

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Please comment on your company's efforts in this area.
there are plants inside the building
Three different bins (recycling, compost and waste) some people still put things in the wrong ones but they each do go to different areas (not all put in the one waste bag). motion sensor lighting and the majority of people I work with have keep cups for coffee. I would love to see more green initiatives in the future.
We have 'living walls' of plants, numerous planters around the floors and motion-sensor lighting. We also have three types of garbage/recycling bins, as well as blinds on windows that can reduce heat absorption/loss. That said, the modern office has a huge reliance on high electricity consumption, with computers, lights, screens, fridges and other electrical appliances.
There is advertisements and events about reducing carbon footprint
I'm not sure about specific initiatives but lights automatically turn off and the building is quite new so I think it's quite energy efficient.
Have not heard much about this area so perhaps not as much as it could/should be doing.
There are solar panels, and promoting the low usage of paper, but there are people still using tons of paper.
Our building has a high efficiency rating and comprehensive recycling facilities.
I think they could probably do a little more.