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Working Hours at Department of Education

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How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
Pretty flexible. We use a flex sheet so all extra hours worked are logged
Flexibility in work hours is generally agreed between an officer and their supervisor, and can also depend on the business requirements of the work area. Generally supervisors are quite happy to accommodate flexible start and end times. At an executive level, you are able to set your own hours.
Big push for flexible working arrangements
Very flexible. I am able to work less when there is less work and work more when there is more work, to an extent. This varies across areas and managers but in the areas I have worked everyone is flexible and understanding. They know you are putting in the work even if you do not stay until 7pm every day.
I have a chronic illness and have been able to arrange flexible working hours when I am unwell. My supervisors and managers have been supportive throughout my arrangements.
They have a flexible work policy, working on it actively
They are allow for flex-time.
I usually work 9-5 with a half hour lunch break. This is great and my workplace is flexible with my arrangements.
7.5 hour days, can work any hours between 7am-7pm. Any overtime is accrued as 'flex' and can be taken at a later time. Never work weekends.
We have flexible work arrangement.
The expected work hours per week are 37.5 but I tend to work 40. I sometimes work longer hours if there is a lot of work on or if something needs to be set up early in the morning. I don't mind this though because we get flex time and it means I can take extra days off. The department is quite flexible with this.
While the department's policies are flexible, some teams and directors are definitely more flexible than others when it comes to hours. However, I have found in my team in two teams that they are reasonably open to negotiations.
I am required to work a total of 7.5 hours in a day with a mandatory 30 minute break after 5 hours of work. My department is very flexible when it comes to hours.
Occasionally have to stay back during busy periods but generally work a standard 40 hour week. Good work life balance.
Flexible - whenever I do work long hours I accrue flex time.
7.5 hours per day, some flexibility, although everything is recorded
The company supports flexible working and encourages staff to speak to their managers to organise working arrangements that work for all parties involved.
Reasonable hours. Very flexible and supportive attitude on the part of management.
Flex-time is great, we can start whenever we want before 9.30, have flexible lunch breaks and leaving times. We log our hours at 37.5 hr per week but can go into negative and positive hours.
My department is very flexible when it come to working hours. I can choose my starting time within the bandwidth and have to complete 7.30 hours each day but if I go above and below this time duration, I can adjust this on any other day by working less or more than 7.30 hours.