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Department of Education

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Office & Workplace at Department of Education

8.4 rating for Workplace, based on 33 reviews
Please comment on your company's office space, location and facilities. And while we're at it, please tell us a little about the dress code.
New building, enough kitchens
We are located in quite a new and modern building. There is good desk space for each person and a personal storage unit where you can keep your belongings such as mugs, food, documents, etc. Each floor has a kitchen equipped with sink and microwaves, and many levels also have a sandwich toaster. There is a fitness room and showers as well. The dress code is standard business dress, but some people treat that lightly!
New building, in the middle of Canberra city, business casual dress code, casual Fridays
Old building with poor water pressure. dress code casual
Very good overall, a big kitchen with many ovens on every second floor and a small kitchen down each end of the building on every floor. There has been some shrinking in desk space (desks on some floors are closer together). Also some teams are co-locating at other departments which can be tricky to co-ordinate.
The building is modern, light and very comfortable. It's very central, close to the city and food places/cafes. Dress code can be quite flexible. I prefer to wear a suit and tie, but this is definitely not required - many people wear smart casual clothing every day, and we have casual Fridays.
Great location in the city. New building. Dress code can vary, can be fairly casual
Sufficient desk space, located in the city, latest technology.
The dress code is appropriate corporate attire and on Friday's it is slightly more casual. The office itself is fine however layout may need to be fixed in the future.
Nice modern offices with good facilities. Smart/business dress code, with more relaxed dress on Fridays.
A very modern building in an accessible location.
We are very lucky in our department to have such a nice building. It is quite new and has good facilities. It is also centrally located which is very convenient. The dress code is not too formal as we are a line agency. I would describe it as business casual.
It's a new-ish office space in a central location. I can't find any fault with it, but it's also not particularly impressive. It appears that casual clothing is accepted as part of the dress code, however, most people try to dress smart.
The dress code is on the relaxed side of corporate attire - smart casual attire is acceptable. The location of the office is excellent as are the facilities with a kitchenette on every floor and a large kitchen every 2nd floor.
New building. Central location. Clean environment. Downside is the traditional 'call centre layout'. Very bland and not inspiring but this is pretty standard in government.
Good facilities, some offices are shrinking, will see how that turns out.
Office workstations provide enough space for staff to get their work done comfortably, dress code is fairly relaxed, facilities are very good. Office is located on the edge of Civic in Canberra so it's a short walk to Canberra Centre and restaurants.
Our building is large, new and nice, eleven floors with impressive views and modern facilities. The kitchen areas, bathrooms, theatre and meeting rooms are all great. Our office pods are configured in groups of 8, with two square pods of 4, employees have a corner each with ample desk space, a filling, computer, laptop, chair, phone etc. Team directors and above have private offices. The dress code is between business to smart casual Mon-Thurs and casual dress on Fridays.
Large, open, fresh and modern.