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Department of Education, Skills and Employment (DESE)

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Keely Dwarte

Everyone in the department brings their own skill sets and knowledge to the different teams.

My job is about: 

I coordinate the department and external stakeholders with project development. I regularly communicate with the Australian Academy of Science to help monitor their projects to ensure deliverables are received on time and the projects continue to progress. The role requires an understanding of public policy and project managing. However, this role is open to many different backgrounds and qualifications, anyone with a keen interest in learning, good people skills and an understanding of how government projects are adapted into the schooling curriculum, would be well situated to a position like this.   

The coolest thing about my job is:

The coolest thing about my job is that I get to work so closely with people who have a wealth of knowledge. Everyone in the department brings their own skill sets and knowledge to the different teams. My supervisor is no exception and constantly allows me to be exposed to a range of different work ensuring that no two days at work are the same. 

A challenge I have experienced in my work is:

A challenge I have experience is learning to talk the APS talk. The APS has a very specific language and structure when writing to and addressing the public. It is a hard task of addressing specific needs of individuals and maintain a neutral stance when addressing individuals concerns.

2 pieces of advice for yourself when you were job hunting...

  • Have specific examples from past work or experiences that you can draw on to show how you have managed and overcome challenging experiences or situations. 
  • Eat breakfast before you go to assessment centres, no matter how nervous you are! It will help you to stay focused during the interview process. 

Favourite place to go in Canberra… 

Civic Pub- love a good pub feed!