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Management at Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

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How accessible are managers and do they make good mentors? You may want to address internal communication, performance feedback or praise and recognition.
This depends on the managers. Most are good at internal communication, but not so much at feedback, praise and recognition.
Feedback is not offered but is given if asked. Recognition of team success is generally quite good.
It depends on what level you define someone as a 'manager'. DFAT is incredibly, and strictly, hierarchical. While there are many excellent directors in the Department (EL2 level), interactions with AS' and FAS' vary widely.
My personal experience has been with very good direct supervisors who offer good feedback and have offered mentoring. Management at more senior levels seems less consistent.
Depends very much on individual managers. Quality varies significantly across the department.
Keeping in mind that people of seniority are often quite busy, I feel that people here are very approachable and willing to discuss work and career matters. This is mainly because many of the people above me have been in my exact position in years past.
The managers I have had have been very accessible and excellent mentors. Performance feedback is regular and transparent.
In my experience managers are generous and approachable and interested in the development of those for whom they are responsible. This has not been the case for all of my colleagues.
Some managers make good mentors from what I have heard; however, most seem to be too busy to take a longer term interest in career development. The onus is more on us to ask questions rather than a mentoring arrangement to exist under a formal structure.
Managers do tend to be accessible, and ready and willing to meet with junior employees. There is a formal performance management system, and I also regularly get feedback from managers on my work.
Mentoring is not formalised but it is possible to develop your own mentors. Senior management have relatively little interaction with junior employees. Performance review system is a little rigid although it is improving.
Mid-level management is highly variable. DFAT can be hierarchical and internal communication can be poor, but both are getting better. The performance management framework is dysfunctional.
Little contact with management above director level, but directors I have had have been responsive and encouraging.
I have had a very positive experience with managers in my company so far - but that is not the case for all. Unfortunately the key to getting opportunities is a manager that will 'fight for you' - if you don't get lucky enough to have one of those - or indeed have issues with that manager that require HR support - unfortunately its not very accessible.
On the whole, in my experience managers have been responsive and committed to staff development. Some are better at communication than others.
The Directors I have had have been excellent mentors, who are approachable, provide good feedback, and give praise where it is due.