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Working Hours at Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

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How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
Most of the time work hours are very flexible. When extra time is required supervisors are good about repaying that time.
There can be long hours when work is in crisis mode, or leading up to a major event. It depends on the team you're in. But if you're determined to work flexible hours, or leave at 5.30pm every day, you can do that.
Flexible. As an APS department, DFAT works to flex time - any time above 37.5 hours worked in a week can be accrued and taken as leave. The opportunity to do this is of course dependent on the priorities and needs of the section in which you are working, but DFAT is very good at recognising the need for all staff to have a good work life balance.
I generally work 9 to 5, but I may stay later or come in earlier if necessary. DFAT has excellent flexitime provisions, so it's not as though I wind up working loads of unrecognised overtime.
Quite flexible. Supervisors are willing to take into account external commitments where possible/reasonable.
Very flexible - work long hours, but you do that when it's interesting and relevant. Plus those extra hours I get back as flex.
I work 7.5 hours a day (not including lunch) and then get Time in Lieu if I work overtime. I am also able to work whatever hours are best for me as long as I meet this requirement.
The Department is quite accommodating in my experience when it comes to hours. I am actually quite happy to work longer hours if I am working on interesting material, and at the moment that is the case.
Its government, so they are the definition of flexible - you accrue flex for days you work over the standard hours (7.5) which you can then take off on other days.
The department is flexible. I currently work more hours than I should, and have accrued a great deal of flex. However, I don't really mind because the work is interesting!
Does not deviate between 7.5-10 hours per day. DFAT is very accommodating of flex time and annual leave.
Very flexible compared with the private corporate sector. Generally work 40 hrs per week. There, however, busy times and you're expected to work overtime. But this usually involves interesting work, so it's worth it.
Very flexible. as long as you work the 37.5 hours DFAT is fairly flexible with start and finish times - unless your role has specific hours (EG: consular operations)
Working hours are very reasonable at DFAT. Flex time is given for any time worked over 7.5 hours.
Work hours are reasonable and when extra hours are required flexible working conditions allow for flex time to be taken.