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Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

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Office & Workplace at Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

6.5 rating for Workplace, based on 49 reviews
Please comment on your company's office space, location and facilities. And while we're at it, please tell us a little about the dress code.
The offices and location are fine. The IT facilities and assistance available could be much better, and are a constant challenge. The dress code for men is suits, but you'll see many men without a tie; often they follow the lead of their seniors. For women it is more flexible, certainly not strictly corporate, and can depend on the area of the department they are working in.
Dress code is quite smart but still not Sydney or Melbourne corporate smart. Building is 20 years old and feels it, but is sufficient. Location next to parliament and Kingston is nice.
Offices are fairly nice, quiet standard. Overseas posts can be very nice. Standard dress code is business attire, but there is some variation in how people define this.
The dress code is fine, business wear is a must. The offices can vary a lot depending on what part of the building you are in.
Some places are lovely- some are quite dark. Not in the city either which can cause some inconvenience.
The space is huge, but somewhat run-down in parts. The location is in Barton - convenient enough to live near so that you can walk. Facilities are fine. The dress code ranges from full business/corporate in some divisions, to casual in others.
Quality varies wildly, from offices with views of a sweeping vista, to those that aren't anywhere near daylight.
There is a cafe onsite, which is great. No shops in immediate vicinity which is a shame. No free parking, but I often ride my bike and the shower and change room facilities are good. If I drive I can park fairly close for free and walk in. Dress code: standard business attire.
Varies a lot between Barton offices and Civic offices. Interior of Barton offices are very old and dated. IT is very out-dated and laborious.
Good enough, but it's the public service, not a major corporate in a plush Sydney skyscraper. Facilities are good.