Department of Health

Whatever we do in life, good health is the single biggest factor in our wellbeing.

The Australian Department of Health is the chief steward of Australia’s health and aged care system and sporting programmes.

Right now we are in an exciting period of reform and change. The way that patients and consumers experience health care, including mental health care, is being transformed.

With a new strategic vision for the health system, and a fresh inclusive and collaborative internal culture, the Department of Health has reinforced its role as the key adviser to government on health and related issues.

We develop evidence based policy, well targeted programmes and best practice regulation, so we need a combination of skills. We will employ generalist graduates, and we will employ specialist graduates in areas such as data and analytics, economics, statistics, science and research, medical sciences, health care planners.

As a graduate with Health, you will have the opportunity to assist in developing and implementing policies and programmes across a vast range of issues.

You will contribute ideas and learn new skills in an environment which draws upon diversity and fosters innovation and high performance. Your work will affect the lives of real Australians.

Areas of specialisation: 
All disciplines