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Department of Industry, Innovation & Science

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Culture at Department of Industry, Innovation & Science

8.4 rating for Culture, based on 26 reviews
Please describe your company's culture both in the office and after hours. Let us know about the structure and hierarchy, cooperation and teamwork, and socialising amongst colleagues.
The department is not very hierarchical- it's very unlikely for someone to pull rank. The structure is reasonably flat and even upper management is usually happy to engage. Culturally, everyone is really lovely and accepting. The workforce is diverse and social, with areas often having morning teas/drinks after work.
Culture varies across the department with a good balance between work and social lives.
The culture is great. People are very friendly and always willing to help out. There is a big culture for socialising at lunch time and outside of work, as well as in business hours. Cooperation and teamwork is mostly easy.
This is probably the best department to work at, socially speaking. The inter-departmental sports competitions are heaps of fun all year; there's plenty of clubs and organisations to join; morning and afternoon teas are frequent and great networking opportunities; the Christmas party and other social events, eg fundraisers, are well organised and well attended. Most division are fairly informal around hierarchy, within reason, and you get a lot of chances to socialise and work with your executive staff. All my teams have had great rapport and everyone has been really welcoming and friendly.
A generally inclusive work culture. Very social.
Positive culture. We get a great work life balance and there's a lot of opportunity to get involved in social events, sporting teams, fundraising. There's also a crafts group that meets. We have happy hour drinks every fortnight. While there is a hierarchy it's not very rigid, and my experiences of the executive have been that they're very approachable. The graduate cohorts tend to be very social, we meet up for work related things frequently and because the vast majority relocate to Canberra for the grad program, everyone's very open to making friends.
It's a huge department so it varies from team to team, but in general the culture is very friendly and inclusive. There is a focus on work life balance in most areas and there are opportunities to socialise outside of work. The public service is very hierarchical so you have to be willing to put in the time and prove your self on more basic tasks before you can gain more responsibility and advance.
I have liked all the teams I have worked in, which have been friendly, cooperative and had comparatively flat hierarchies. One of the better things about my rotations were that all the teams were quite busy, and needed all the help they could get - which meant I got quite interesting jobs that I wouldn't have gotten otherwise.
There is a healthy amount of socialising amongst graduates
Work areas are welcoming and collegial
Again this varies, the graduate network is very strong. Team environments are hit and miss, and overall I have found that the impetus is on the newcomer to establish themselves in a team (I was kinda expecting the reverse). The culture I find great, it compares very well against another government department I briefly worked for.
Collaborative and inclusive.
Very flexible working arrangements, that is good because you can go to the doctor or look after sick children etc when you need to. Organisational structures are very good for breaking up work, cooperation and teamwork seems very good. Related teams share staff and resources to each other's benefits.