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Department of Industry, Innovation & Science

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Job Satisfaction at Department of Industry, Innovation & Science

8.1 rating for Job Satisfaction, based on 26 reviews
Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
It's varied over the time I've been here due to the fact that I'm in the graduate programme. Some responsibilities I've undertaken include: writing for media publication, social media monitoring, brief writing, departmental correspondence, program design (for government grants), project management etc.
Roles change drastically between placements as a graduate, and often include working on large projects throughout the department.
Very varied work and tasks, keeps you developing and on your toes.
As a graduate in this department you are given the opportunity to work on a wide range of tasks. Most of your work is contributing to real policy and programme outcomes for the public.
i have been given the opportunities to enhance my skills
Depending on the rotation, responsibilities can include ministerial correspondence; internal and external stakeholder management and administration; policy development, delivery and monitoring; creating, editing and publishing comms material; data analysis; contract procurement and management; milestone reporting; and event organisation.
As a policy officer, I undertake research on policy topics and current issues relevant to the Australian Government, and provide briefings, summaries and advice.
Highly varied, but has included: data management, strategic planning, Ministerial briefs, project coordination activities, business development, marketing and outreach.
Currently, policy work - involved in writing correspondence and briefings.
Providing legal advice on a range of matters including commercial, constitutional, statutory interpretation, privacy and data sharing; administering and responding to freedom of information requests; doing legal research.
Policy analysis and development, briefing to the minister's office, programme delivery
In a day I can work on so many different things - from policy documents to public submissions. I also provide secretariat support for a national committee.
Work areas are keen to give you challenging work and significant responsibilities Opportunities to develop a diverse skill set