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Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources

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6.30 AM

I wake up, shower, have breakfast, make a coffee for the car and head to work. 

8.00 AM

I park my car and ride into work to save money from parking. 

8.30 AM

I arrive in my office, the open-plan design allows me to say hello to my team members and other colleagues on my way to my desk to begin my day. My role in the recruitment team involves partnering with the business to provide tailored recruitment solutions to our customers. To start the day, I open outlook and scan for any important emails that need urgent attention. 

9.00 AM

As more people arrive in the office, I engage in a daily scrum meeting with my team to set team priorities and discuss my daily tasks. This is often on Skype as my team is geographically dispersed and at times work flexibly. Today, a couple of my team members are working from home. 

Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources Graduate Alex Profile

10.30 AM 

This week I have been working on a peak resource plan which aims to identify future resourcing requirements, predict seasonal demands and provides recommendations for action. This plan will assist the recruitment team to continue to provide excellent service throughout times of increased workload demand. This is a great example of some of the business improvements Graduates have the opportunity to be involved in or drive.

11.30 AM 

Before my lunch break, I review my task list and priorities my work for the rest of the day. I take a variety of phone calls ranging from quick questions from employees to more complex enquiries from managers regarding their recruitment processes. In all my interactions, it’s important that I keep the customer front of mind and set realistic expectations for response times.

12.30 PM 

I reheat lunch and go for a walk around the park. Our building is located right across from the park, allowing me to take a lovely stroll during my lunch break. Today I am having lunch with a fellow graduate and we choose a spot in the park. I love that we have the ability to do this, as networking is really important to me. 

1.30 PM 

I return to the office, with multiple requests coming into my team’s inbox during the lunch break. Our team works through a high volume of recruitment requests that come in thick and fast. I am responsible for processing these requests along with managing incoming phone calls. We are beginning to recover from a busy period, with our requirement requests finally becoming under control.

2.30 PM

To help us unwind from the busy period and celebrate our team achievements, I held a trivia game for our team. My trivia questions were varied and I got some really positive feedback, people really enjoyed the session.

Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources Graduate Alex Profile

3.00 PM

Following the trivia session, I return to my desk and follow up any important and urgent recruitment enquiries and action some feedback from my supervisor on a document I have been working on.

6.00 PM

I am working later today, building up some flex time as I am looking to finish up early on Friday to go on a camping trip. One of the biggest benefits of the APS and the department specifically is the Flextime initiative. It allows me to work extra hours to build up to leave for a later date. Flex arrangements can be made to be permanent but can also be a one-off.  

Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources Graduate Alex unwind


I unwind for the night, eat dinner and prepare myself for bed. Tomorrow I will be working from home as part of my flexible work arrangement so I ensure my laptop is charged and I have all the required equipment. I love this part of the day as I can relax and settle in for the night. The graduate program provides me with a steady income and job security, along with many departmental perks. These are all reasons why I love my job. When I am ready, I head to bed for the night and get a good night’s sleep.