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Department of Social Services

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Management at Department of Social Services

7.2 rating for Management, based on 34 reviews
How accessible are managers and do they make good mentors? You may want to address internal communication, performance feedback or praise and recognition.
Immediate managers are very hands on and accessible. There are regular updates from higher level management as well.
Some good and some bad. There does not seem to be a consistent level of competency
In my experience, the executive level managers are very accessible to graduates. As a graduate, you are on probation for six months as well as the formal performance feedback process so there are plenty of opportunities for formal performance feedback, praise and recognition as well as informal discussions. Depending on the size of your Branch, you might also have good interactions with your Branch Managers and possibly Group Manager. There is obviously less interaction with the Senior Executive (Secretary and Deputy Secretary) but that said, the Senior Executive is interested in the graduate program. The Secretary has come to a number of graduate events and I think most of the graduates have had a chance to chat with him. The Deputy Secretaries also took part in a very candid discussion forum where the graduates had a great opportunity to get an insight into what it's like to be a Deputy Secretary.
Middle management is readily available, and offer feedback and praise, working across a few areas in the department means you get a feel for different management styles
DSS staff maintain strong workplace relationships with their manager through individual performance agreements. Middle and senior managers are readily available when needed and frequent communication bulletins ensure all staff are aware of relevant developments and issues.
As it's a very large organisation, the quality of managers can vary. However, I have had 3 different managers and 4 different supervisors in the 2 years I've been at the Department. All of them have been very supportive of my learning and excellent people to work with.
It will vary depending on the size of the branch. In my current branch I work very closely with my manager and she is always approachable and willing to provide advice.