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Department of Social Services

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Training & Personal Development at Department of Social Services

7.1 rating for Training, based on 34 reviews
Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.
The Department offers some in-house training which is pretty good, but numbers are limited. I have not yet been able to get into a particular course that I would like to do.
A large amount of training including a formal qualification was offered during graduate year. Study assistance is also available.
All graduates take part in a formal Diploma of Government - depending on what your undergraduate background is you might find this very useful, or not so useful. Throughout the year there are also plenty of training opportunities within DSS e.g. Excel, Introduction to Social Policy, Writing to our Minister's Needs.
Training programmes range from basic IT training and other training essential to carrying out the job to more detailed training including ministerial writing courses, project management and social policy
The formal graduate training was not very good; it was run by CIT and did not provide us with enough information to prepare us for government work. However, I have found the informal training excellent; my colleagues and supervisors always review my work and provide me with tips to improve. We have discussions to think of new and innovative solutions for our clients. I also regularly read my colleagues' work, which may be on more complex legal issues.