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Working Hours at Department of Social Services

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How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
This varies slightly between areas but generally if you communicate well the culture is fairly flexible. Standard working hours can fall between 7-7 so you generally have the opportunity to start a bit earlier or later if that suits you.
We have Flex-time. Which means that if you work more than your standard hours of work in a week, you get credited with those hours which can be used at a later time. So if there is a busy period at work, you might be able to accrue enough Flex-time to then take a day or two off at a later time. Work is generally pretty flexible with your start and finish times for the day as long as you work enough hours in a week. However the flexibility depends on how busy your Section is and the nature of the work you do.
DSS is VERY flexible when it comes to hours. A standard day is 7.5 hours and it is very much up to you how you fit those hours into a day. Some people work from 7am - 3pm with a 30 minute lunch, others prefer to start at 9.30am and work till 6pm. Any time you work in addition to the 7.5 hours adds to your "flex" balance. When you build up enough flex, you are able to day a day off, without using your annual leave.
The Department's Enterprise Agreement contains a broad range of flexibility arrangements that enable staff to achieve work-life balance and meet their responsibilities/interests outside of work.
Very flexible - DSS promotes work/life balance and is very supportive of employees who have commitments outside of work such as caring responsibilities or study