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Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C)

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Office & Workplace at Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C)

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Please comment on your company's office space, location and facilities. And while we're at it, please tell us a little about the dress code.
There are three PM&C buildings currently as at October 2018. It's quite beautiful and new. Dress code is corporate
PM&C has offices in Barton and in Woden. Most of the office space is modern and up-to-date. The dress code is a little more formal than other agencies, especially in the Barton offices.
We've recently had a refurb, which means the facilities are great, but we now hot desk, which is not for everyone. One of the office locations is great, but there is a second which is a bit further out of the city centre. The dress code is casual compared to corporate companies.
The Department is transitioning to an "agile" work environment (hot-desking, paper-light, etc) which has been problematic for quite a few areas in terms of security concerns. In general though, facilities are great and the spaces open and pleasant to be in. Dress code is dependent on area/division, though men can easily wear work dress pants and a button up shirt without tie. The Department has an office in Barton and another in Woden; typically dress code is far more relaxed in Woden.
Mostly very modern and nice. Some areas are undergoing renovation so some teams were temporarily in functional but dated workspaces. Dress is business corporate, occasionally men don't wear ties but normally they do.
The regional office is more relaxed and casual than Canberra office. It is more difficult to service the regional office and therefore do not have the best equipment.
Hot desking facilities are new and very impressive; dress code is relaxed in Woden and a little more formal and business-like in Barton
Very nice offices. Dress code at Barton is formal, and more relaxed in the Indigenous Affairs Group offices
We use activity-based working, which means that where possible people do not have assigned desks and instead move around based on their working styles and need for the day. Our offices are centrally located and are in the process of being updated with new equipment and furniture. The dress code varies from team to team, however everyone is required to present themselves professionally and formally.