Department of the Treasury

The Treasury Graduate Program offers recent university graduates the opportunity to join Australia’s leading economic policy adviser. Our program offers comprehensive training, development and mentorship from skilled professionals, who will work with you to develop your skills, knowledge and confidence. We draw upon a diverse range of expertise and perspectives, using a wide range of information and cutting-edge analysis.

"At Treasury, we work on public policy issues that govern just about every aspect of economic activity in Australia and that affect all Australians – the work we do is everywhere and it matters. Treasury people are known for their ideas and have the opportunity to work on policy issues right from broad concepts through to detailed legislation and implementation. We are constantly seeking new perspectives and expertise – and our graduates are an important source of fresh ideas." John A. Fraser, Secretary to the Treasury

The Treasury is best known for producing the Australian Government’s annual budget, but we do much more than that. We cover the waterfront – everything from working with the states and territories on significant public policy matters; to forming a view about the global and domestic economic conditions; and shaping the tax, superannuation and financial systems that are fundamental to how our economy functions.

We’re looking for tomorrow’s capable and professional leaders to drive policy development and make a positive contribution to raising the living standards of all Australians.

Our commitment is to enrich you professionally and prepare you for a successful public or private sector career.

Areas of specialisation: 
All disciplines, particularly economics, law, business, finance, public policy, political science and mathematics